The Internet Music Anthology, Vol. II

Welcome to volume two of The Internet Music Anthology! The IMA is an (ir)regular feature here on the Noisecast where we round up all the best (worst?) music that either originates on, or has significant relevance to internet culture. It also serves as a makeshift sanity test. If you can make it through the entire collection without skipping a song, you qualify for placement in a facility.
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[UPDATED] EXCLUSIVE: Spotify Will Launch Mid-July, Cost $10/mo, Possibly Be Invite-Only To Start

You’ve been waiting for it, and it looks you’re about to get it. A source speaking to the Noisecast has shared an email exchange with an executive of a major record label who cites mid-July as the day the Spotify dream becomes a reality for the U.S. of A.. Between “July 5th and July 15th” to be precise. Or at least as precise as a 10-day range can get.

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Noisecast Contest: Guess that BS!

Contest Has Ended! Stay Tuned for the Results! With the Apple Keynote nearing, we’ve got a contest for you! Guess the total number of  “magical” “revolutionary” “never done before” and “fantastic” hyperbolic statements that Steve makes today and win a free iOS app (up to $5) or a $5 Amazon gift card to buy your own app. But ACT NOW! Entries will not be accepted after … Continue reading Noisecast Contest: Guess that BS!

Henry Cen Talks The Future of Arcades – Next Level

[Editor’s note: Our very first exclusive interview!] When Chinatown Fair closed its doors for good at the beginning of March, New York City’s last real arcade was lost. It was the proverbial end of an era, not just for New York gamers, but for the arcade industry in the U.S.

Though the future seems bleak for the arcade crowd in New York City, former Chinatown Fair employee and one of Pro-gaming’s brightest stars, Henry Cen shares what’s in store for New Yorkers and the industry as a whole. Continue reading “Henry Cen Talks The Future of Arcades – Next Level”

EXCLUSIVE: Motorola Mobility moves to California

For over a year now the rumor mill has been churning away about whether or not Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha will move the company from Libertyville, IL to San Diego, California. Motorola has not officially announced anything and speculation has remained speculation. The only nugget of info to add fuel to the rumor fire was Sanjay telling the Wall Street Journal last year that “[Motorola] will go where that talent is, and right now, that looks like California.” Now that Moto has split into two separate entities (Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility) everyone has their ear to the ground to learn what Sanjay’s decision will be. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: Motorola Mobility moves to California”

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