Guess That BS! Results

See that red one? That's you. All of you.
Do you haz a sad?

Well boys and… other boys (What do you want from me? We didn’t have any female entries!), I have some bad news. Even the lowest of our guesses was almost double the total. It seems that after taking a beating from the media for their overuse of “magical” and “revolutionary”, they decided to dial it back a bit. In fact, I had to be really lenient with some of the statements just to make it to the 10 that I heard.

Now because I love you all so much, I am going to put myself through another 118 minutes of watching Apple spew bullshit to the WWDC attendees just to make perfectly sure that I didn’t miss some of them. We also have other cast members (the ones that actually enjoy listening to these things) watching and tallying the results so that we can be 100% positive that we have the correct numbers. Rest assured that if there’s a winner it will be announced immediately. If there isn’t a winner, we’ll come up with something else to say “Thanks for being awesome”.

The guesses I received in ascending order are as follows:

  • Kyle –            19
  • Paul –            31
  • Chris –          35
  • Michael F. – 47
  • 3D Jesus –    68
  • Neal –            88

9 thoughts on “Guess That BS! Results”

  1. Agh! I was right! I would have won.
    I had said 1 in the other article’s comments, but i didn’t send it in.

  2. Visions of grandeur slowly slip from my thoughts as the reality of my failure sinks in.:( 

    Thanks for keeping it fun, Noisecrew:)

    1. Unfortunately, no. I really wanted someone to win this if for no other reason than to give meaning to me sitting through all 2 hours of the keynote speech.

  3. Marian Jamaleddine

    I heard the word “beautiful” a lot. Maybe throw that one in to the count?

    1. As much as I wanted someone to win, I’m not going to alter the rules just so we have someone to give it to. I thought about counting “amazing” as well, but if we don’t have rules now then what’s the point of having contests? We may as well just start giving things away for commenting on articles.

      We don’t just make things up as we go! We have integrity, dammit!

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