BYOD: Bring your own downfall

Aside from the mildly inflammatory title, the BYOD scene presents a number of worries to admins and security folks at firms that allow employees to bring their own e-tools to work. Think for a second what you’re allowing: a device that isn’t under your total control, and is probably used just as poorly as the average worker-bee’s home computer to come into your business and … Continue reading BYOD: Bring your own downfall

Roundup: IT Fun

I enjoy doing helpdesk stuff most of the time. Not all of the time, though.  Amazon unveils Glacier, super cheap data archive service. This isn’t your average cloud service, but rather a service focused on rarely-accessed data. It comes as cheap as a penny per Gigabyte per month. The idea is to bundle your files into one archive, then upload it for retrieval when needed. The archives are … Continue reading Roundup: IT Fun

Roundup: Week of Wonder

It’s been an odd week. Team Fortress Mann vs Machine was released, and it’s quite fun if you can find a match.   The Engineering Team behind Curiosity did an AMA. While simultaneously being smart, witty and awesome, these engineers went fairly in-depth about the Mars rover Curiosity, including what programming language they use, and what their favorite tool on the rover is. Hint, it’s … Continue reading Roundup: Week of Wonder

Roundup: Not very pinteresting

I’ve got a few days to get myself interested in Pinterest. It’s not working. Anyway, we had a great podcast with Victoria Rae Black this weekend, check it out.  Motorola being slashed apart by Google. Motorola Mobility, who was recently purchased by the Googs, announced today that they will be slashing 20% of their workforce in a move to slim down the company. Also mentioned … Continue reading Roundup: Not very pinteresting

The Masculine Side of Pinterest: an experiment

Pinterest just opened it’s doors to everyone, and because Ray hates it so much, I’m going to try it. Yes, I’m going to try Pinterest. I’ll give it a week for sure, then write some more about it. For now, I’ll give my initial impressions on what it can offer me, a 27 year old former Marine with a love for tech, cars, motorcycles and … Continue reading The Masculine Side of Pinterest: an experiment

Roundup: Face Eating Zombie iPad!

Today is another beautiful day for tech news, even though I’m being bombarded with users who need the help desk to check their wires. iPad violently attacks poor Taiwanese teen, smashes face. Everyone loves technology, but what happens when it doesn’t love you back? Apparently, an Apple iPad ganged up with gravity to wake a sleeping Taiwanese teenager up by punching her in the grill, … Continue reading Roundup: Face Eating Zombie iPad!

Windows Phone 7.5 beats iOS, Android in false certificate, MitM attacks

At the most recent Blackhat conference, the high-end information security meeting, mobile devices were put to the test with false certificates. Microsoft Exchange allows for IT departments to remotely lock or wipe devices, assuming the certificates check out. Well, that’s the theory. According to Peter Hannay, a security researcher, iOS and Android are both susceptible to a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack, allowing a hacker to send a … Continue reading Windows Phone 7.5 beats iOS, Android in false certificate, MitM attacks

via flickr user technochick

Roundup: Standalone Zombies

Good morning, dudes and dudettes. I’ve started the roundup early, so be prepared to have your face filled with news. Sponsor a Zombie from Timothy W. Stevens on Vimeo. Day-Z becomes standalone. Day-Z, the incredibly popular mod for the Arma II combat simulator from Bohemia Interactive, has been given the green-light by Bohemia for stand alone development. Arma II is a pretty realistic shooter that’s … Continue reading Roundup: Standalone Zombies

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