Author name: Chris Ness

Chris "Kevlar" Ness is a Former Marine, college student, and father. His interested in Tech was sparked by a 5 year stint fixing crappy electronics for Uncle Sam, and is currently chasing the dream of working in IA. He is a WP7 fanboy, avid social media advocate, and he drinks a little too much. Find him on Google Plus

Chris on Pinterest.

From exploring Pinterest’s potential for DIY projects and room redesign to navigating the challenges of its content organization, follow the author’s journey over the days. Discover the site’s strengths in arts and crafts, but witness the struggles in finding a masculine touch and meaningful conversations. Is Pinterest a go-to for creative ideas or a missed mark for the author? Read on for the verdict!

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Roundup: Missing Links

Tech roundup: From the fiery crash of the US Hypersonic bird to Facebook’s share flood, stay updated on the latest tech buzz. Learn why Germany wants Facebook to destroy its facial recognition database, and discover the potential of turning your old PS2 into a Linux machine. Dive into the legal battles between Samsung and Apple, and explore Google’s answer to Apple with gift cards for the Play store.

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