Internet Behemoth Wikipedia is Moving Away From GoDaddy In Response To GoDaddy’s Stance on SOPA

As you may have heard, GoDaddy is was a big supporter of SOPA. Well, they most likely still are, but they just won’t be as public about it from now on. Why? The reason is simple.


And now after the discussion began on reddit and continued to gain steam, Wikipedia is planning to move away from GoDaddy. Continue reading Internet Behemoth Wikipedia is Moving Away From GoDaddy In Response To GoDaddy’s Stance on SOPA

The iPhone Has Landed! (Updated)

He finally did it! It took him a really long time (by early adopter standards), but Ron has finally purchased his new iPhone 4S! So now that the pool is officially over, I’ll be going through the emails later today (after I get done with my for-reals job) and I’ll announce the winner here! Thanks for playing everyone.   UPDATE! The winner is Joey Davis, … Continue reading The iPhone Has Landed! (Updated)

Pet Zombies for Nintendo 3DS

Pet Zombies is a new game from Majesco entertainment that takes the cutesy little pet games like Nintendogs and replaces the cute little puppies with disgusting undead creatures. Intrigued? You should be. It’s a good bit of fun, and you won’t feel completely emasculated playing this the way you would if your friends caught you putting little ribbons in your cocker spaniel’s fur. Continue reading Pet Zombies for Nintendo 3DS

Boy Wonder: Seeker of Justice, or Mental Patient?

When you apply for a press badge with NYCC, that apparently puts you on a mailing list. I’m not upset about it at all because I learned about a couple of real gems that I might not have otherwise. One of them is the independent film Boy Wonder (SPOILER ALERT it’s not Robin) I received a movie announcement in the mail a few days before … Continue reading Boy Wonder: Seeker of Justice, or Mental Patient?

NYCC 2011 Dark Horse Comics

I had an opportunity to speak with Aub Driver, the Publicity Coordinator for Dark Horse Comics. He was very gracious when answering my questions, and I could tell by the way he talked that he really likes his job. I mean come on, the guy gets to talk about comics all day. And not just comics, but all of the stuff that Dark Horse has their hands in; movies, action figures, vinyl statues, collectible pint glasses, and all manner of kick-ass entertainment merch. The first time you meet Aub, you immediately know that he’s not your typical PR person. Just look at him. Long blond hair in a tight ponytail, big black boots, a black jacket with Dark Horse buttons all over it, and piercings. And that’s why he’s perfect for Dark Horse, because they aren’t your typical publishing company. Continue reading “NYCC 2011 Dark Horse Comics”

Real Steel: Really Unimpressive

I got really lucky this week and managed to win 2 free tickets to an advance screening of the new movie Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly, from You Don’t Know Jersey. It’s a little site with all kinds of cool stuff that’s happening around New Jersey. If you live in or around Jersey (or you have a weird interest in local events in some other state) you should check it out.

Now about the movie.
Continue reading “Real Steel: Really Unimpressive”

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