Welcome to The Noisecast, a weekly tech podcast that grew into a tech blog. The Noisecast aims to differentiate itself from other tech blogs by reporting interesting news, reviews, industry commentary, and more with a touch of personality and with minimal political distortion that is prevalent on other similar sites. You will also find articles on things that may not be tech-related but are just plain interesting! It is vitally important that the focus is both the tech aficionado and the everyday consumer and that things are said how they are meant to be said. While other sites focus on the concrete, The Noisecast focuses on the practical. The first podcast went live in October 2010 and we have been recording a new show on a weekly basis since then. To learn more about the story behind The Noisecast, check out this article.

Editor-at-Large: Agrippa Ikoku

Senior Editor: Chris “KevlarMenace” Ness

Production Designer and Senior Editor: Ron Cassel

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Editor Emeritus: Steven Callas

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