Nintendo at E3 – We’re Live Bloggin’!

Hey guys, welcome to another edition of The Noisecast Liveblog! I’ve got nice tall thermos of coffee and high hopes. So stop what you’re doing and join us for Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Well looks like that’s a wrap folks. Thanks for joining us, we’ll get more details on the new controller ASAP!

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

So the Wii U IS the new console?

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

My Pregnant Prom by EA only on Wii U! (I kid, I kid.)

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

A cosign from EA is big. Really big.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

I second Agrippa’s comment. No way these will be that awesome on the current Wii, controller or not.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

First official 3rd party release for Wii U

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

I’m going to guess that the new console will be called “Samurai Garden” or “Lotus”

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Well there’s certainly lots of in-house development, but what about the 3rd party devs? A man can play Smash Bros but so much.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

The Wii U has video chat capabilities. Wow.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

The rumors were true. A touchscreen controller. Looks like it’s for the Wii though.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Sorry guys, no good shots for Luigi’s Mansion 2. Looks pretty cool. Fils-Aime says its totally new for the 3DS. Which is what the system needs – ground up originals. No matter how much you like Ocarina of Time, you want something new.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Having seen the E-shop, this is no Wii Store or anything like it. It’s what they’ve needed since the beginning.

Also, virtual console specifically for 3DS – well played.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

I remember when I got Excitebike when I was a kid. Hours spent creating unbeatable tracks!

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

3D on the 3DS, this whole liveblog is in 3D!!! You didn’t get the glasses we sent? Oh that sucks. Guess you have to settle for 2D.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Here Wii go!

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Looks good to me. Mario 3D

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

FYI, you really have to actually see the 3DS to appreciate it. Still a little gimmicky though.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Agrippa’s cranky cuz he wants the new console. Hey Reggie you’re not the best salesman so lets get to steak.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Mario is almost as famous as Ronald McDonald. More famous than Jesus. <<— I made that up.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

After some technical difficulties I’m back. BTW did I ever tell you how much I hate shitty internet connections.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

It’s almost time.

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima


Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

Okay. Pretty cool. So what’s this about a new console?

Tue 04:27pm Alberto Lima

The orchestra is now playing some of your favorite, iconic Nintendo Themes!

Tue 12:21pm Agrippa

You can get more, much more at Nintendo’s E3 site.

Be prepared for more games your kids will just love.

Tue 12:17pm Agrippa

Umm… yeah, what Alberto said. HE’LL get on that stat. I’m going off to brood and then dance the night away on my Kinect.

Tue 12:16pm Agrippa

I feel like I’ve just been had but not sure how.

Tue 12:16pm Agrippa

… no new console? Not ready? Not till later? There is all this talk of HD but the Wii isn’t exactly HD. What is happening here?

Tue 12:11pm Agrippa

Wishlist, way more powerful console, more powerful online capabilities, and more grown up games. So far I’ve seen all this except the new system that everyone’s talking about.

Tue 12:09pm Agrippa

There isn’t a real mention of time frame. Or did I miss it?

Tue 12:06pm Agrippa

Oh shit… Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Gotham… Okay Wii U, I’m listening. But show us the actual new console already. No way those games are going to be awesome on a standard Wii.

Tue 12:03pm Agrippa

I’m yawning, Nintendo. Lego, blah blah being one of the first games confirmed to be in development for the Wii U. Coming exclusively to the Wii U and 3DS

Tue 12:00pm Agrippa

Seriously, they could have just beefed up the 3DS and made it the new Wii U controller. (The 3D U?)

Tue 11:58am Agrippa

Smash brothers on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The nerds in the audience just whooped, hollered, and possibly ejaculated. I missed it because I was busy yawning.

Tue 11:56am Agrippa

I’m not going to rush to poo poo this. I remember how that turned out with the Wii… 85 million units later. I want to know how much this costs, and how thick it is.

Tue 11:54am Ron Cassel

Tue 11:53am Agrippa

What the bloody hell? This seems like a full tablet than anything else. Checkmate, Apple? “Keep in mind that it was not meant to be a portable game device. The images are wirelessly transmitted”

Tue 11:51am Agrippa

Well, Nintendo, I’m impressed, very impressed. But why not just build all this into the 3DS instead. (it even has a stylus). 6.2 inch screen, backward compatible – so all wii games and accessories can be used. It sounds like, far from being a new console, it seems to be a new uber control for Wii… what is happening here?

Tue 11:49am Agrippa

Was about to post a pic but Alberto got it. Man, the things you can do with it are pretty intense… it’s a whole handheld game, tablet, and controller. Clip of video call, controlling the tv, etc.

Tue 11:46am Agrippa

The controller looks like a futuristic tablet from the 70s

Tue 11:45am Agrippa


Tue 11:45am Agrippa

Okay, is this it? Are they introducing the new system? They are justifying the name.

Tue 11:44am Agrippa


Tue 11:44am Agrippa

About the hipster comment. I actually liked Excitebike. That wasn’t meant as an insult.

Tue 11:43am Agrippa

Virtual console, bringing back classics. They’ll be emulating. 3D Classics: Excitebike. What is this, a hipster convention? How retro. Pokemon is coming too. I know that’s pretty big. Can I stop mentioning that these are all in 3D?

Tue 11:40am Agrippa

Resident Evil, Mario and Sonic, Ace Combat, Tetris, Cave Story, Resident Evil: Revelations, Driver Renegade, Pac-Man & Galaga, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid. All in 3D, all coming to the 3DS. Okay, okay, I see you homie.

Tue 11:38am Agrippa

Luigi’s Mansion 2. “It’s not a simple revision. It’s an entire new game, using 3D” Are you getting the pattern yet?

Tue 11:37am Agrippa

Kid Icarus, Uprising with 3 on 3 multiplayer action. It will also use augmented reality cards to conduct battle. This is actually really cool.

Tue 11:34am Agrippa

More talk of Mario in 3D. He must have some sort of metabolic issue. All that running and jumping and he’s still fat. Put the spaghetti and meatballs down, Mario.

Tue 11:33am Agrippa

I’ll admit, I always kinda liked Starfox. This is actually kinda cool. I’ve never hated the 3Ds, I just think 3D is a gimmick. Starfox will be in 3D and will have the winningest social capabilities.

Tue 11:29am Agrippa

UUUUGGGGHHHHH! Mario Cart 3D. Please make Mario stop. Even plumbers rack up a pension and get to retire, right?

Tue 11:28am Agrippa

Something for everyone? “With our new home console, this is something we intend to offer.” (paraphrased)

Tue 11:27am Agrippa

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America is on stage. “we hear you. you want what you’ve always wanted.” umm… yes.

Tue 11:26am Agrippa

Oh no. Mario, why won’t you just die? Mario is moving into 3D. I thought it was already there. *shrugs*

Tue 11:25am Agrippa

What? “We’re going to leave details for later this morning…” Nintendo, you better mean later in the Keynote. Stop playin.

Tue 11:24am Agrippa

Yup yup. He’s basically making the sales pitch for a new console. Come on. Impress me, Nintendo.

Tue 11:23am Agrippa

“As an industry, what we haven’t achieved yet, is a game platform that is satisfactory to all segments”

Tue 11:22am Agrippa

Saturo Iwata is on the stage now. Since launching the Wii and DS, we now see changes in “who plays, where they play…”

Tue 11:21am Agrippa

Now more pixi music. blah blah. Let’s get on with it, Nintendo.

Tue 11:19am Agrippa

Can I say, I’m only here for the possible new console people have been hollering about and leaking. Zelda does nothing for me.

Tue 11:17am Agrippa

The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary = mucho goodies and extras. Plus Skyward Sword will be out soon, and a golden wii-mote.

Tue 11:13am Agrippa

I may be the wrong person to live-blog a Nintendo keynote. Too much talk of fairies and playing with the wii… I chuckle too much

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  1. Eric Johnston

    I hear the Wii U’s bundled game will be WiiWaterSports, and the new controller will feature a golden shower attachment.

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