Frustrated with iOS 6 Maps? Google has a sneaky APP for that.

While many are frustrated with the new iOS 6 Map Application that makes the Manhattan Bridge look like this. There is a solution. While there is no official app in the iOS app store just yet, Google has provided a sneaky work around for Safari users. You can add a Google Maps “APP” to your home page from Maps.Google.Com. When you go to the maps … Continue reading Frustrated with iOS 6 Maps? Google has a sneaky APP for that.

Here’s how to get Max on Netflix

Earlier this week Anthony Berry told you all about the latest update to Netflix on Playstation 3 – Netflix Max. The idea was to help indecisive customers (like yours truly) find a movie or show to watch and MAXimize (yeah Netflix, we get it) their experience. After we posted Anthony’s review, we got some folks asking how they can get in on the fun, or … Continue reading Here’s how to get Max on Netflix

Award-winning photographer Giulio Sciorio talks Micro 4/3 and the future of photography

Recently, The Noisecast got the chance to chat with award-winning photographer, Giulio Sciorio, about the shooting pro with a Micro 4/3’s camera, trade secrets, the future of photography and improving your own photography skills. Giulio has been working as a professional photographer for over 7 years shooting portraits, editorial spreads, and most recently music videos – and lately, his EP-M1 and OM-D EM-5 aren’t too … Continue reading Award-winning photographer Giulio Sciorio talks Micro 4/3 and the future of photography

Codecademy: The online, easy way to learn JavaScript

If you have always wanted to learn programming, but never taken a course and found most online tutorials too confusing, Codecademy is a great way to start. The lessons are quick, simple, and don’t require anything other than a browser. You can sign in, or do them anonymously. Programming is one of those things that seems like fun, but also seems overwhelming. There are tons … Continue reading Codecademy: The online, easy way to learn JavaScript

It’s a fast world, how should you keep up?

Everyone knows that things move really fast these days. With three major social networks all hoppin’ all the time, how are you supposed to keep up with the news, aside from visiting 30+ sites multiple times a day? I don’t mean Aunt Jennie’s new baby, or whether or not that guy from high school is still a raging alcoholic, I’m talking about news, in the … Continue reading It’s a fast world, how should you keep up?

New scam involves office printers with email capability

It’s a newer feature in a lot of businesses, and it’s handy. All-in-one printers can scan and email images to you so not everyone in the office has to have their own scanner. However, a new scam centers around the idea that someone may scan an image for you to download, but instead of an image, the email asks that you open a .zip file … Continue reading New scam involves office printers with email capability

Learn Faster, Learn Better

You done goofed. Something, whatever, is coming up and you have all this material that you have yet to truly understand and it’s just a little too complex for you to go off the dome. Maybe you’re a student and the stuff you’re being taught aren’t quite sticking. It’s like you know the individual words but you don’t quite understand. Well I’m here to help you out. But first, you need to understand a little about me so that you understand where I dug this methodology out of.

I have a very limited attention span. It’s not that I’m incapable of focusing. In fact I’m quite hyper-focused. The problem is I flit and share that focus with many things. Now I’m not part of that small percentage that’s physiologically capable of truly multitasking. I’m like the 95% of the population that’s incapable of perfectly doing so. It’s sequential with me; One thing at a time, for a limited time, at a high rate. This makes me an interesting mental freak but absolutely useless in an academic setting where our minds are hammered into a plodding pace. I’d be forced to learn new things on my own, in a fraction of the time, without the guidance of those who know better, just a bunch of information strewn around for me to sort. Read on for my tips. Continue reading “Learn Faster, Learn Better”

How to give gifts like a boss

Fact: I give the best presents ever. People love getting things from me because it’s always awesome. When I really want to, I turn gift-giving into an art. For a friend’s recent birthday, I went balls out and hit her with a collection of stuff that was truly a sight to behold. Frankly, I was jealous of myself. I mean, c’mon. This is what boxed it was in:

Now, don’t think you can match my greatness, but here are some tips to stop giving sucky gifts. Continue reading “How to give gifts like a boss”

Use that textbook like a boss.

Look, I sympathize with those of you still in school. I’m happily done, but I won’t laugh at you. I’ll probably be back shortly to rustle up that PhD or another Masters, so I have to be careful with karma. Like many of you, at least the adult members, I’ve been at the school thing for a long time. Like many of you, I’ve forgotten more than should be healthy. In fact, it’s a miracle that any of us know as much as we do about anything, given what a small fraction it is, of what we’ve learned.

This is not to say I was a bad student. I was a good student. I just learned at a different pace, a faster pace than my peers. This meant if I was forced to slow down and go at the normal pace (often), I would be bored out of my wits. I was notorious for what people mistook as half-assing, but was really frustration. That’s not the point. The point is how was I able to absorb more information in less time than most? I had and have a specific method for teaching myself new material, but I want to focus on how I use textbooks. Continue reading “Use that textbook like a boss.”

Smile on demand

You’ve seen a fake smile before. People try to fake it but there’s something not quite right about it. This isn’t about faking a smile. There are other places you can learn from but beware, they can be hazardous. I intend to share something better: How to genuinely smile, defuse a situation, and relax.

I call it the naked dancer. Whatever variation someone else uses can be the name. The name is largely meaningless, but fitting for me. When I need the smile, I picture myself dancing naked, holding a hairbrush like a microphone, singing my heart out, and just being generally embarrassing. It’s that simple. Even knowing I’m the only one who sees it, it brings a  smile to my face like I’m the only one in on a joke. At the moment when you’re angry or frustrated, stressed out, or about to approach some girl (or guy), walking into an interview, or any situation when you need a genuine and rich smile, just do it and go with the flow. Continue reading “Smile on demand”

The Anti-Telemarketer Script

This one is an oldie but a goodie. I’ve used it a few times myself but I stopped because I couldn’t help but feel bad for the frustrated and desperate telemarketer on the other end of the phone call. Even if you are on a do-not-call registry there’s still ways for certain companies to call you to solicit something. Political campaigns, survey groups, and charities all get the green-light to bypass the do-not-call registry. If you’ve got some time to kill and are in a trollface mood, check out the script after the break on how to get under the skin of a telemarketer. You can also get a printable version here so you can keep it handy by your phone. Continue reading “The Anti-Telemarketer Script”

Was a face extra shiny in your pictures? Here’s how to fix that with Photoshop

This has happened to all of us: we are out having a good time, we may get a little hot from dancing or drinking, someone snaps a photo of us, and the lighting conditions and the perspiration make us look like we poured vegetable oil all over our face. Check out Renée Zellweger’s face in this picture. Do you feel like you need to wear polarized sunglasses so you can look at her? That’s the shininess I’m talking about. Some may think that the picture is junk because of that, but that’s not necessarily true. Using Adobe Photoshop and a very simple rinse-and-repeat process, you can make faces look less shiny and more even. Granted it won’t remove the shine completely, but it will tone it down without necessarily making it look like you’ve airburshed your skin. You don’t need to use Photoshop exclusively with this. Any image editing software that supports layers and brush opacity will do, so Photoshop, Gimp, PaintShop Pro,, etc will all do just fine. Continue reading “Was a face extra shiny in your pictures? Here’s how to fix that with Photoshop”

How To Get Started With Digital Imaging

Drawn in their respective programs

Photoshop and Illustrator. Two incredibly elaborate programs that really set the graphic design world up for the 21st century. The so called behemoths of the industry, if you will. To even consider being any sort of graphic artist, you better have at least working knowledge of these two programs, or you’re miles behind the competition. Before you get started with them, there are some things you should know. After all, one does not simply walk into Photoshop.
Continue reading “How To Get Started With Digital Imaging”

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