Episode 61 – Fat, Sugar, and Noodles

I want to apologize to all of our wonderful listeners. This is actually last week’s show. I’ve been moving into a new apartment lately and been busy with school so I dropped the ball on getting this one out. This week’s show will hit your feeds tomorrow. Sorry, everybody.

In any case, here’s the show notes (after the jump, as per ususal). Continue reading “Episode 61 – Fat, Sugar, and Noodles”

Episode 59 – The Motion Picture A-Hole Association

Ho-ly crap. Look how fantastically on time this week’s podcast is. Isn’t it marvelous? Anyway, here’s the links to all the junk we talked about.

Don’t forget to join us on Sunday nights for the live streaming of the show. Real-time mockery! YAY INTERNET! Continue reading “Episode 59 – The Motion Picture A-Hole Association”

Episode 54 – Waffle Burner Face Pan

Chris: ep54 is in the dropbox, awaiting your magic touch

Me: I’ll treat it as I would a woman. Nervously and then cry afterwards.

Chris: Thats about how I feel, except I finish early.

Ben, I edit this and publish it. You’re fired. – Chris

Shownotes after the break.

Continue reading “Episode 54 – Waffle Burner Face Pan”

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