Show Notes

Episode 65 – Yahoooooooooo!

Get ready for Episode 64’s tech rollercoaster with The Noisecast! From Symphony of the Planets to Facebook’s standalone messaging client, it’s a wild ride. Explore the rise of Raspberry Pi computer sales, witness Darpa’s headless cheetah, and dive into MIT’s free online Circuits & Electronics course. Plus, the ‘WTF’ moments, from a woman suing college over roommate’s sex to a Lone Ranger turning himself in for drug possession.

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Episode 62 – Dick Batons

Dive into Episode 62’s tech buzz with The Noisecast. From Tucker Max’s Twitter antics to the USAF considering tablets for flight manuals, it’s a wild ride. Witness the aftermath of Megaupload’s shutdown, explore FCC’s 3G coverage map, and catch the surprise of new nuclear reactors. Plus, the ‘WTF’ moments, from a man sued by his adopted girlfriend’s children to a chainsaw-wielding drunk causing chaos.

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