Monday Update: A Proper Update

Alright folks. It’s that time again. Time to hop back behind the desk and fasten your seatbelt for another rousing week of work. In all seriousness I’m quite excited for this week.. and in all seriousness I’m lying.

Team Building Exercises

The New Noisecast:

Ok so we’ve had a hell of a week here at the Noisecast headquarters in our secret lunar bunker.. Shit I wasn’t supposed to talk about the location.

Anyway, In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve launched our new site this week. It’s got loads of new newness, good goodness, and yummy yumminess. I think we’ve finally found a home here on WordPress and with any luck, we’ll be here for a solid 2-3 weeks before everyone gets antsy for upheaval again.

If you have any trouble moving around the new site, be sure to hit the contact page and let us know what’s going on. There have been a few kinks over the past week, but we think our team of highly trained squirrel monkeys have hammered out all the issues. They’re truly amazing creatures. One minute they’re debugging lines of php, and the next there’s smeared feces on the monitor.

…Moving on, here are some articles worth taking a look at:

There should be a MacBook Quantum out by next year! (Not Really)

Apple Sells Lots and Lots of Airs

Researchers finally figure out the prolonged solar minimum.

Alien Bacteria Claimed to be Found.

Playstation 3 sux and haz no gaems!

Rift Review

Are you drunk? No? Are you sure?

Climate Research Costs Money… Ya know?

You suck at predicting the future.

That’s the round up. A bunch of great reads to get you through this Monday morning, and later this afternoon, we’ll have a super-fresh podcast for you to take a listen to. I’m waving my editing wand over it as I type this; Multitasking like a champ.

Also, tacos.

Have a good week.

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