Happy Fathers Day, from the Noisecast

Me and my dad, a long time ago when I had a lot more hair.

Today, at least here in the US, is Father’s Day. So I just want to take this time out to acknowledge all dads out there.

My dad is the entire reason in into tech today. Ever since I can remember he’s been a total gadget nerd and always keeping up to date with the newest “toys.” Not just that, but he was always making and tinkering with things too. Some of my earliest memories, in fact, are watching him race his custom RC cars around the living room (and being terrified of some of them). The whole reason I became interested in technology in the first place was through him. Frankly, much of my personality is derived from that man. We have the same sense of humor. He’s why I love Queen. And let’s not forget the roguish good looks we share.

I’m sure the story is very similar to many of you as well. It’s likely that your love of all things electronic was inspired by your ol’ pops too. So lets take a minute to thank the men that turned us into who we are today.

Fatherhood is more than simply biology, though. You don’t necessarily have to donate your DNA to be a dad. Father figures come in all sorts and sizes, so let’s not forget about them either. In my case, my uncle is as much of a father to me as the the man I spent the paragraph above talking about. So don’t forget about all the step-dads, grandparents, uncles, or even older brothers that have had a hand in bringing you up. Whoever that male is in your life, let them know how much they mean to you. Not just today, but every day.

To all of you dads, soon to be dads, and what have you; this is for you. Cheers.

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      1. I don’t know. the caption plus the look on your face plus the awkward positioning just makes me chuckle every time.

        but I’m a bit jealous. Father’s day is just another day of the week for me.

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