Monday Update (cynics edition)

Good morning internauts. Welcome to a Valentines edition of our humble Monday Update.

So let’s take a look around and see what’s worth mentioning today.

… Ah here we go:

Microsoft and Nokia pretend to be sneaky, fools no one, now what?

Sony Ericsson Somethingerother

Need a new novel to read?

Thoughts on SIM cards, Apple, and iPhone’s future

& finally,

A stupid animation clip I made two years ago.

Moving on, today is Valentines Day.

A day full of lovers who celebrate, and haters who gonna hate.

Couples who hug and kiss, and singles who snarl and hiss.

Blah blah blah Valentines day poem.

It’s easy to find yourself falling on one of two opposing sides on Valentines day. You either hate all the couples you see, or you’re part of a couple. So on this “couples day,” what can the single individual do to stay sane?

It’s pretty easy. Just remember, tomorrow is a totally normal day, and while that couple may be having the best day of their lives today, tomorrow, she’ll want to have dinner at her parents, or he’ll want to watch some sporting event, and they’ll be back to reality. The point is, there’s bad and good in every situation. Couples fight all the time, and single people can sometimes feel lonely. It’s all a natural part of life. The key is finding the good in your life. Find a silver lining and go with that. The rest of that nonsense can go screw.

Here’s some wise words:

See? Fuck lemons… Get out of there.

Happy Valentines Day folks.

PS: How sweet is the word internauts? Internet+Astronaut=Internaut! I just made that up. No big deal.

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