iOS 5: The Good. The Bad. And The 4S

We’ve waited a long time for iOS 5. The usual Apple release date of [sometime in july] was skipped this year and iPhone users everywhere went hungry. The few months that followed were especially difficult. Sure, our phones did all the things we wanted them too, but there was nothing new, nothing exciting. They had run out of the magic.

Enter iOS 5. The new kid. The contender. The one that made Android users say, “A duuurrrrrrrr I’ve had my notifications displayed like that for years now.” The fact is, iOS 5 really isn’t bringing us anything outrageous. There really isn’t anything here to rub in your greasey-android-using-friend’s face. It’s a cleaner, smarter update. So how does it work?

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Episode 47 of The Noisecast: You People


Here's A Cat!



Hey! It’s me Ron. How are you guys? Good? Great. Anyway so I have no idea if I’m uploading this the right way so if it’s wrong, please forward all complaints to:

Show Notes after the jump.

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Kioky: A Good Idea, A Lot of Bad Luck

Earlier this year, you might have heard about a little start up company known as Kioky. Their plan, was to create a device that would allow you to apply screen protectors to you iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with perfect precision every time. The only problem is getting the funding to create and distribute these applicators on a wide scale. Well, Kioky went through more trouble than most to get their product to market, and it’s not over yet.

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Photoshop Contest Winners: Design Your Own Currency

So I kind of forgot about this, but then I remembered! I asked you guys to design your own currency for your own personal country. Two of you did not disappoint, One of you just sent me an image that already existed, and the rest of you didn’t bother. It makes Ron a sad Ron when you don’t send me photoshop entries. Anyway, here are the results.

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Idiot Starts Being An Idiot Earlier Than Other Idiots

Who’s ready for the iPhone 5? I’ll tell you who. Rob Shoesmith, that’s who. Rob abandoned his life, left his job, and started waiting in line for the new iPhone much earlier than usual. In fact, the iPhone 5 hasn’t even been announced yet. For all we know, it could never be announced. Rob sure will look like an idiot if that happens. His motives … Continue reading Idiot Starts Being An Idiot Earlier Than Other Idiots

Photoshop Contest: You’re A Country, What’s Your Currency?


Ahhhh Money. Nothing like some cold hard cash to make you feel a little better about life. Except these days, with the state of things, the all-mighty dollar just isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m thinking about breaking off from the Union, and starting my own gig. I’ll call it RonLand! I suggest you do the same, but you’ll need a strong economy for it to be worth it. Start dreaming up your currency now, before it’s too late.

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