Les Miserables

To the Summary! In 1800s France a man given leave from prison, only to be hunted across the years by a cop who is convinced that the man will continue to be a criminal. To the Cast! Hugh Jackman – Jean Valjean Russell Crowe – Javert Anne Hathaway – Fantine Amanda Seyfried – Cosette Sacha …

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Behind the curtain: It’s the end of the world… Edition

Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world by Mayan prophecy, tectonic plate shift, pole shift, or (my personal favorite) Planet X/Nibiru smashing into the Earth! Well it’s pretty safe here in the future – December 22nd; but don’t think we didn’t about bringing you live updates of this cataclysmic event! This concludes …

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This review is For Your Eyes Only, as it contains massive state secrets, also known as spoilers. To the Summary! James Bond faces his most personal attacks yet, as the one family he knows comes under attack. To the Cast! Daniel Craig – James Bond Judi Dench – M Javier Bardem – Silva Ralph Finnes …

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The Noisecast Presents: Photography Contest – Bridges

Our friends over at ClickWhirl Photography  and Whitenoise Photography have monthly, themed photography contests. This month’s challenge is Bridges. You know, the everyday structures that hold up amazing amounts of weight? Well, they can be quite beautiful too. Head on over to the contest page and check out the details of the challenge. Don’t forget …

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Turtle Power!

With the recent news that a certain Michael Bay will be putting his own stamp on Turtle lore, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the most recent movie. Back in 2007, there came a new movie in the Turtle franchise, following 1993’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (They go back …

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