Noisecast Contest: Guess that BS!

Contest Has Ended! Stay Tuned for the Results!

With the Apple Keynote nearing, we’ve got a contest for you!

Guess the total number of  “magical” “revolutionary” “never done before” and “fantastic” hyperbolic statements that Steve makes today and win a free iOS app (up to $5) or a $5 Amazon gift card to buy your own app.

But ACT NOW! Entries will not be accepted after 1:15PM EST.

Submit your entries to, not the comments.

Closest person without going over is the winner, which will be announced after the final score is tallied up tonight.

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8 thoughts on “Noisecast Contest: Guess that BS!”


    This is a total of all statements. You don’t have to guess each word individually, we just want a total of all of them together. I’ve already gotten a good number of entries (holy shit that was fast) … (that’s what she said) so if you split them up I will just take the total number. If you want to change your total number (this only applies to people that split up their estimates) do so NOW.

  2. 9 Magicals
    10 Revolutionary 
    4 Never done before

    Extra Credit?

    8 Booms11 Amazings
    6 Extraordinarys
    17 Take that microsoft
    4 Suck it Billy
    19 Steve Ballmer swallows
    50 HOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!
    2.5 That’s what she said

    and hopefully 1 “But wait … one more thing”


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