Monday Update

Welcome back everyone, hope we had a nice weekend. Let’s get right down to business.

First, we have a healthy serving of articles for your reading pleasure. Some really interesting stuff this week.

iPhone has no idea what time it is.

iPad 2 is carrier unlocked.

Amazon says “dueces” to 9000 Illinois based affiliates.

Napster co-founder sells out.

Windows 7 phone did something. I don’t care. Go iPhone!

Twitter’s all like “nah bro, we got this.”

Breathalyzer deemed “Magical” and “Revolutionary.”

Definitely check out those articles.

The Noisecast Laboratory

In other news, we’ve been hard at work testing radical new approaches to the tech blogging, and we think we’ve had a breakthrough! From now on we’re going to schedule our posts! So rather than 40 articles hitting on a Tuesday, and nothing happening on a Wednesday, we’ll space it all out so you’ll have a steady stream of Noisecast directly to your face.

So now, when your all like bored and stuff, you can hop in the internets and we’ll probably have something new for you to read.

I believe that’s all the news I need to cover. Now if you’ll kindly excuse me, I have to get this guy’s kidney out and get him in the bathtub before he wakes up.

Have a good week y’all!

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