Noisecast Doomsday Live Blogging!

Stay tuned for live coverage of the Rapture as it happens! NOW WITH ADDED LIVE STREAM FROM NYC!

Please ignore the date in this image, it's from a different rapture.

Hit up the break to see the updates, and feel free to add your own in the comments.


Watch live streaming video from nyc at


6 thoughts on “Noisecast Doomsday Live Blogging!

  1. The true journalist is someone who is willing to brave through the storm and let the public know the story. I salute you, Noisecast staff, for your courage.

    1. The honest truth is not everyone can do what we do. But we’re just human like you. Albeit superb human specimens with outstanding pedigree. We just try, everyday, to be better. It’s because people like you believe in us, that we have the courage to keep being so impossibly courageous. We applaud you. 

  2.  Still alive here in Canada, though ive got wicked bad breath this morning. Could be that apocalypse loaf i made last night.

  3.  Calm and Sunny here in MI.  But I fear the worst.  The birds are singing, but their songs speak of DOOOOOM!

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