Noisecast Doomsday Live Blogging!

Stay tuned for live coverage of the Rapture as it happens! NOW WITH ADDED LIVE STREAM FROM NYC!

Please ignore the date in this image, it’s from a different rapture.

Hit up the break to see the updates, and feel free to add your own in the comments.

Sun 01:12am Chris Ness

Ben, are you sure it wouldn’t be offense?

Sun 12:53am Ben Avecilla

I’m not giving up on this rapture business just yet. We’ve still got time for a last minute touchdown.


Sun 12:24am Agrippa

So… I think that was it. This was rapturously exhausting. It probably went against our better judgement… But doing it wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t the end of the world or anything… hopefully we’ll get to reward the faithful of Noisecast in the near future, for sticking with us through this childishness.. and for those who abandoned us, there will be hell to pay. Goodnight everyone. Thanks to all the Noisers who participated, I’ll have your checks in the mail…

Sat 10:24pm Steven Callas

Everything went white after getting raptured. I just woke up in a really hot place that looks like this:

Sat 09:10pm Ben Avecilla

I’m being forced to watch the Justin Bieber movie. Now I understand this whole “doomsday” thing.

I apologize for everything I’ve ever done wrong. Please save me, Jesus. :(

Sat 08:30pm Agrippa

New York City would be so much more beautiful without the smog.

Sat 08:29pm Chris Ness

I wonder if a lot of people ran up debt, fully expecting to not have to deal with it.
Also, I wonder how many people skipped town for new starts in South America.

Sat 08:21pm Marian Jamaleddine

Let’s think of things in another way, maybe there wasn’t anyone “good” enough to go?

Sat 06:22pm Agrippa

This is supposed to just be the rapture (and earthquake). We’ll be doing this again in October (the 21st) when the actual cataclysmic end should happen. You know, unless of course everyone is fully on board with the “those guys were idiots and this was fun, but not really, please stop being stupid so that I don’t have to do this again, and ha-ha you silly gullible twats” train. I hope you’re on the train. This is exhausting in the mindlessly boring sense of the word.

Sat 06:19pm Agrippa

Kevlar, I don’t think that’s how Rapture works… dummy.

Sat 06:18pm Chris Ness

Taking a dump. Thank goodness my toilet paper didn’t get raptured.

Sat 06:15pm Agrippa

I find the idea fascinating. The devil went into the future and placed creatures which he subsequently killed, or perhaps created the fossils and left them to age for millions of years into the future. Then when they were sufficiently old enough to fool the true age of the 6,000 to 11,000 year old earth, he took them back in time and buried them. That way we would find these million year old fossils and lead us astray from the truth. Truly a devious brilliance for the ages.

Sat 06:12pm Agrippa

Perhaps we should be looking out for a rapeture not a rapture. I’ll go keep an eye on the crime statistics. (Of course it couldn’t be Raptors, those aren’t real. They are false creatures invented by scientists blinded by the devil’s trickery going back in time to plant fossils and lead us astray with our “knowledge” and “reason” and “rationale” and “common sense” and “evidence” and other abominations).

Sat 05:57pm Steven Callas

Goodbye world

Sat 05:53pm Steven Callas


Sat 05:48pm Steven Callas

15 minutes before Rapture in chicago andthe heavens are opening up.I AM YOURS JEEBUS!

Sat 05:37pm Ron Cassel


Sat 05:31pm Agrippa

We’re in “full swing” now. Those of you on the west coast who would rather be taken unawares, heed this warning: SPOILERS.

Sat 05:19pm Agrippa

I’ll be damned if I let a no-show ruin my rapture party. Dance like it’s the end of the world. (Screw you, I’m not posting that stupid Britney Spears song).

Sat 05:15pm Agrippa

Okay… it wasn’t *technically* a baptism. It was swimming laps. But I was under water and the lifeguard’s name was Jesus, so…

Sat 05:14pm Agrippa

Just got back from my baptism. Covering all the bases. I’m determined to get a pic from the light. Later suckers!

Sat 05:10pm Ben Avecilla

It’s already past 6 PM on the East coast. C’mon Jesus, don’t let me down. Can’t you at least rapture a FEW of those assholes?

Like Ron?

Sat 05:09pm Chris Ness

Jersey doesn’t count, Ron. I feel it will get passed over.

Sat 05:05pm Ron Cassel

6:06 here on the east coast. Any minute now.

Sat 04:38pm Chris Ness

Is the crisis averted?

Sat 04:31pm Ben Avecilla

Sat 03:26pm Ben Avecilla

I slept in. Is the J-man here yet? What have I missed?

Sat 02:56pm Steven Callas

Based off of this painting, the Rapture is actually the second coming of Michael Bay. Considering he hasn’t left us yet for the first time, we still have many more years before it actually happens.

Sat 02:50pm Agrippa

Sat 02:20pm Alberto Lima

I think I’ll just leave this here.

Sat 02:09pm Tawnie

It’s less than 6 hours to the end of the world and everything looks normal. I am  glad I did not spend 0,000 on falling for Harold Camping’s predictions. I will be rocking out to  for the rest of the day to this.

Sat 02:05pm Chris Ness

Just woke up. On Earth. My neck really hurts.

Sat 01:57pm Steven Callas

I’ve decided that the best way for me to be Raptured is while watching Captain Jack Sparrow. So tonight I shall be at the cinema, enjoying Pirates of the Caribbean when 6pm rolls around. I’m also on the fence about this.

Sat 01:55pm Alberto Lima

Though Ron’s weather forecast may not have been the most scientific, it sure is humid here in New York. #NoiseRapture

Sat 01:48pm Alberto Lima

New York, NY – Mayor for Life, Michael Bloomberg announces, “Alternate side parking regulations would be suspended” in the event of the rapture.

Guess it really ain’t happening.

via NY

Sat 01:24pm Ron Cassel

A video of the first Zombie from @Opieradio on twitter

People are nuts.

Sat 01:07pm Ron Cassel

HA!!! Take that Gawker!! Live video streaming stright from the big apple! Right here on The Noisecast!!

Sat 01:02pm Ron Cassel

Made it to Paul’s home without ascending to Heaven… I’m pretty sure I’m not on the guest list anyway.
Just saw Gawkers coverage. *sigh* Wish we had a bigger budget for these things… or a budget for anything.

Sat 12:29pm Agrippa

Damn. We just got outdone by Gawker. We’ve been live-blogging the rapture since last night, they have a lives tream, a panoramic video of the city. At least we now have secondary confirmation that the rapture has in fact not happened yet, so it’s not just us missing the signs.

Sat 12:10pm Ron Cassel

Since ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is happening, I’ve resorted to using this live blog as I would my twitter.

I’m about to go to Paul’s house to work on some sick dance beats. Also, I’m kinda hungry. Maybe I’ll grab a coffee and a bagel on the way. That sounds delicious.

… Hey why is that bird on fire? Is that a phoenix? OH by the way I’m currently watching Harry Potter.

Sat 10:45am Steven Callas

Just woke up to a cloudy and wet day. It definitely looks like gloom and doom out there. No signs of a Rapture yet, but definitely signs of a rupture about to happen with my bladder from last night’s beer.

Sat 10:20am Ron Cassel

Should I take a shower, or eat a bowl of cereal? *sigh* Rapture problems.

Sat 09:14am Marian Jamaleddine

Just woke up to a beautiful sunny morning here in South Florida. But I heard there were some earthquakes in Hawaii and The Solomon Islands.

Sat 08:42am Ron Cassel

When does it become socially acceptable to loot a Best Buy? I could use a few things to review.

Sat 08:39am Ron Cassel

Mmmm… Woke up to an absolutely beautiful day. It’s been raining in NJ for the past week so this is a nice change of pace. So far, no rapture though. I have a feeling this will be like live blogging an Apple iPod event. Sure there are plenty of new products to announce, but does anyone ever really care about the new iPod line ups?

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, we took a lot of time and planning to set up this rapture live blog. So if it’s all for nothing, I’m going to go find that preacher Harold Camping, and rapture his ass myself.

Sat 05:34am Ben Avecilla

I already made a “seven seals” pun, but fuck you. This was the only good thing to come out of this movie.

Sat 05:10am Agrippa

Worst.Apocalypse.Ever. Who wants to see us live-blog a 4Loko binge instead?

Sat 03:49am Alberto Lima

I happen to disagree with my EIC. Straight from the quack’s mouth in an interview with The Atlantic (emphasis added):

The end of the world will be at exactly 6 p.m. on May 21, 2011, says Camping, who along with his organization, Family Radio, are behind those billboards across the country….

Is that Eastern Standard or Pacific Standard Time?

Neither, says Camping, whom I interviewed recently for my online news show TYT Now. The Rapture is at 6 p.m. on May 21, 2011, where ever it’s 6 p.m. first, with the “fantastically big” world-ending event taking place on a time zone by time zone basis.

So, according to these calculations, the Rapture will actually begin like a rolling brown out across the globe at 11 p.m. PST on Friday, May 20th. “Everyone will be weeping and wailing because they’ll know in a few hours it’ll come to their city,” said Camping.

I’m crying because I can’t seem to stay asleep.

via The Atlantic

Sat 03:46am Agrippa

The rapture would be so much easier to live-blog if I had a pot of coffee by my side, or some Red Bull or Nerd (you’re welcome). Alas, I have none of these. Thus, I’ll be going to bed [insert reading obsessively with random movie playing in the background]. Hopefully I doze off soon enough to be able to wake up in time witness the moment. 6 hours and 15 minutes to go for 6pm IDT.

Sat 03:21am Chris Ness

Took the trash out at 3am. Birds were chirping. Rapture birds?

Also, some drunk idiots were screaming and riding on car hoods through the complex. That’s normal. But, birds?

Sat 02:55am Agrippa

Contrary to Australia’s celebration, like we said, we expect Israel Daylight Time (IDT).

Sat 02:47am Alberto Lima

Australia Survives! They Live!

Great job you Aussie bastards you! You made it!

Sat 02:45am Agrippa

We’ve been told it will happen at 6pm, but what timezone? Given the source material, we’re expecting it to be whatever timezone Jerusalem occupies. It’s currently 10:44am in Jerusalem, Israel.

Sat 02:24am Ben Avecilla

The upside to this whole rapture thing is that a certain person I hate with a passion is going to die too. Good riddance, fucktard.

Schadenfreude: it makes everything better.

Sat 02:09am Alberto Lima

Less than an hour left for Australia. Via con dios amigos.

Sat 01:52am Chris Ness

Nevermind, the “I’ve been Raptured” email was a hoax. Crack journalism team here.

Sat 01:50am Alberto Lima

There’s a loud ruckus on the block. People are out on the streets, loud, screaming as if in a pani… No sorry there’s a party going on (possibly at Hoopz or Elks Plaza) and I’m just getting some drunken overflow onto my street.

As you were.

Sat 01:42am Chris Ness

Well, we’ve got an opening.

Sat 01:35am Chris Ness

It’s past six in New Zealand, and no shocking news.

There’s even an island that is called Christchurch, and a tacky sign. Make of that what you will.

Sat 12:25am Chris Ness

Steven is a doo-doo head.

Fri 11:00pm Chris Ness

Now seems like a good time to plug our Survival Guides:

The first one I’d read about would be Reavers. They seem like the logical progression of post-Rapture looter evolition. After that, go ahead and do what you want. Steal me a TV or something.

Fri 10:48pm Ben Avecilla

Thought I saw the first seal of the apocalypse, but it was actually a sea lion.

Fri 09:40pm Steven Callas

Fri 09:25pm Marian Jamaleddine

Jerk neighbors are lighting fireworks, like jerks.

Not gonna lie though, I jumped for the first split second when my dogs went nuts barking.

Fri 09:09pm Steven Callas

So pretty much check this throughout the day tomorrow. We’re not going to spam Twitter or Facebook with every update cause that would annoy the piss out of everyone. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome Batcave:

Fri 08:49pm Steven Callas

kevlar is a penis head

Fri 08:27pm Chris Ness

Looks like someone is running a little late.

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  1. The true journalist is someone who is willing to brave through the storm and let the public know the story. I salute you, Noisecast staff, for your courage.

    1. The honest truth is not everyone can do what we do. But we’re just human like you. Albeit superb human specimens with outstanding pedigree. We just try, everyday, to be better. It’s because people like you believe in us, that we have the courage to keep being so impossibly courageous. We applaud you. 

  2. robot-shmobot

     Still alive here in Canada, though ive got wicked bad breath this morning. Could be that apocalypse loaf i made last night.

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