Episode 64 – Party Foul

What’s the only thing better than a new podcast? The show notes for that podcast so you can know what the hell we’re talking about!

Episode 64 Topic List
Magic Makers: Ray, Vitto, Kevlar


  1. Test Tube burger http://bit.ly/zqDYpf
  2. Unauthorized apps leak less personal data than iTunes ones http://onforb.es/xTdOt3
  3. Alan Wake for PC is in the black after 48 hrs http://bit.ly/wsiWRO
  4. ACTA could actually kill people. http://bit.ly/AiMCyW
  5. Facebook caught reading Text messages http://rww.to/xY2tyC
  6. Apple doesn’t trust their employees not to drink and tell http://read.bi/AAEq9t

>> Topic of the Week: Video Game Movies


  1. Cop charged in refrigerator raid. http://bit.ly/xVbdIR
  2. Church offers drive thru ash wednesday service. http://bit.ly/AgNL71
  3. Topless Dancer sent to mayoral candidates office. http://huff.to/yOPR2I
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