Episode 57 – Shut Up, Ben

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Episode 57 Topic List
Date: 1/08/2012, Time: 8EST
Roster: Chris, Ben, Ray, Mike


  1. Whitespace broadcasters legal http://bit.ly/t3Va7A
  2. 1 TB flash drive in a fancy Swiss Army Knife package http://bit.ly/wLWKdd
  3. LG Unveiling 84” 3D TV at CES http://bit.ly/sWhKGX
  4. HTC might need to spend some time in the board room to figure out what they’re doing wrong http://bit.ly/zFXpGh
  5. Discuss SOPA Blackout: http://ti.me/zSMTbt
  6. BitTorrent launches cloud storage http://bit.ly/wXuCAj
  7. CES 2012 : meh? http://ti.me/wWQCTi
  8. Researchers make event disappear: http://bit.ly/w8eKvt
  9. Steam breaks 5 million concurrent users http://bit.ly/x7LCdO
  10. MS Flight http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/01/06/microsoft_flight_sim_free/
  11. Apple event in late January http://bit.ly/vheUSW


  1. Man dies after eating cocaine from his brother’s bum http://bit.ly/rB02WR
  2. Man shows up for his court hearing wearing a jacket with crack-making instructions http://sunsent.nl/BW4WK
  3. Have your loved ones cremated and made into bullets http://bit.ly/AjBrI1
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