Episode 66 – Texaphobia

If these show notes were a lady, you’d want to take them out for a nice night on the town and treat them to a fancy dinner. Take a look, after the jump.

Episode 66 Topic List
Magic Makers: Ben, Kevlar, Ray


  1. Apple TV ( http://bit.ly/AgG4Qm )  and iPad: We have to pretend to care. http://vrge.co/wftcxH
  2. Next Xbox may not have a disc drive http://bit.ly/wGMYxq
  3. Sabu is a snitch. http://bit.ly/wPb5TD
  4. US unveils “heat ray” truck http://bit.ly/yZjA1O
  5. T-Mo Exec: “remove device subsidies” http://bit.ly/zGs4FV
  6. Chrome falls twice in pwn2own http://bit.ly/AiMdnO, patched immediately http://bit.ly/xs36qO
  7. US Soldiers apparenly allow geotagging in their Facebook posts: http://tgr.ph/wNp2f1
  8. LED emits more light energy than it consumes in electrical energy http://bit.ly/yQvSVN
  9. cool website destroys your house based off of google maps http://chaosinyourtown.com/ (PS, it’s an ad)
  10. RedditPAC decides to boot Lamar Smith over SOPA http://bit.ly/wXXPPU


  1. Cop uses squad car to move mattress: http://jalo.ps/wzXBmj
  2. Guy tries to sneak bag of weapons through security http://thesent.nl/w9yYkH
  3. Chicken McNugget sells for 8 Grand http://bit.ly/zEUjtm
  4. Naked man runs from police http://bit.ly/zADnbW
  5. Lady has to Pee calls 911 http://on.wtsp.com/Ac3dSs
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