Episode 62 – Dick Batons

Did you guys know that Ray got an iPhone? He totally did. Anyway, here’s the other (less important) news of the week after the jump.

Episode 62 Topic List
Magic Makers: Ray, Vitto, Kevlar


  1. Tucker Max abuses automated Sponsored Tweets purchasing http://bit.ly/yVXViv
  2. Symantec source code followup http://bit.ly/zjQREY
  3. RIAA Prez gets pissy about SOPA/PIPA outrage: http://bit.ly/zPJMq9
  4. Major flaw in home security video system: http://bit.ly/w9l8LI
  5. Something Awful starts campaign to brand reddit as CP site http://bit.ly/zrVyRJ
    1. Policy change and list of banned subreddits http://bit.ly/ycgLrg
  6. USAF could replace flight manuals with tablets: http://vrge.co/zRC6bG
  7. AT&T upgrade cost double http://bit.ly/Apq9xN
  8. 787 endurance flight test draws Boeing logo, own name in the sky. http://bit.ly/zdrcFO
  9. This surprises no one: Megaupload shutdown doesn’t slow piracy http://bit.ly/xnNHIy
  10. FCC Map shows true 3G coverage: http://macw.us/A7KWnN
  11. US approves first new nuclear reactors in 30 years. http://cnnmon.ie/A4wcfF
  12. Tribler moves to save Bit Torrent http://bit.ly/wInye2


  1. Man who adopted Girlfriend is sued by his children. http://huff.to/z5ZjHf
  2. Syrians don’t take passwords seriously http://on.msnbc.com/zMwuj8
  3. Chainsaw wielding drunk man attacks bar patrons http://bit.ly/wcGKas
  4. Fart joke leads to bomb scare, arrest http://huff.to/AsLpL2
    1. Related: Giant poop http://bit.ly/zB1PyN
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