Episode 54 – Waffle Burner Face Pan

Chris: ep54 is in the dropbox, awaiting your magic touch

Me: I’ll treat it as I would a woman. Nervously and then cry afterwards.

Chris: Thats about how I feel, except I finish early.

Ben, I edit this and publish it. You’re fired. – Chris

Shownotes after the break.

Episode 54 Topic List
Date: 11/20/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: TBA


  1. CarrierIQ may have violated wiretapping laws in millions of cases. Class action suits filed. http://onforb.es/v2xpaV
  2. UK to adopt tablets instead of paper http://engt.co/s0Uut4
  3. Everlasting Batteries- not a willy wonka special http://bit.ly/t4U0y8
  4. A new use for those everlasting batteries: A backpack/manpurse to charge your gadgets on the go. http://bit.ly/tIOTdE
  5. Courts tell Apple to GTFO, Samsung to carry on http://dthin.gs/rXOXcB
  6. Mini-choppers assemble stuff http://bit.ly/vg2sHZ
  7. The first issue of a tech magazine for women; token male included http://bit.ly/rRgtfF
  8. Apple fires worker for ranting on FB http://bit.ly/vFbE4M
    1. MS worker fired for breaking NDA http://bit.ly/sWXXR3
  9. Aptera (electric carmaker) goes away http://bit.ly/swueXS


  1. Drugs lords get lap dances in jail http://bit.ly/sM4ygG
  2. 2 crazy bitches attack a McDonlad’s cashier, get beat down and hospitalized, then told by the grand jury to GTFO. http://bit.ly/sKl39H
  3. Man sues Kan. couple he held hostage, saying they broke oral agreement to hide him from police http://wapo.st/vhMhNO
  4. Woman steals gas cap in school parking lot http://on.wtsp.com/vgko3P
  5. Deputies: Shoplifter caught with steaks, candles down his pants http://bit.ly/tMAL6y
  6. Amish terrorists violate No-shave November, attack beards with garden shears: http://bit.ly/tYqDcS
  7. 6 year old charged with felony for playing doctor. Parents sue DA. http://bit.ly/vMuYz1

The Lewis Black bit that Ben mentioned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1mOFzv02lk

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