Episode 65 – Yahoooooooooo!

Ray has a special message for everyone at the end of this podcast. Make sure to listen all the way through. For now, here are show notes.

Episode 64 Topic List
Magic Makers: Ben, Kevlar, Ray, Alberto


  1. Symphony of the Planets: Saturn http://bit.ly/zRSaEK
  2. Pirates pissed off about arbitrary ‘standards’ http://bit.ly/yehafe
  3. Giant NOPE hides away on island for 80 years http://n.pr/wRfcQZ
  4. Sweden gets Europe’s first LTE phone http://bit.ly/zKyZma
  5. AT&T bumps throttling limit to 3GB http://bit.ly/yIobls
  6. Raspberry Pi computer sales through the roof http://bit.ly/w7whtV
  7. Darpa’s headless cheetah is fast and deadly, also creepy http://bit.ly/xVmxLB
  8. MIT’s free online Circuits & Electronics course is live http://bit.ly/xnP0r0
  9. Facebook releases standalone messaging client http://on.fb.me/zZeyMX
  10. Anonymous members duped by fake LOIC client http://bit.ly/xOGsKG
  11. Google to provide search results to Yahoo! http://bit.ly/y0El6N
  12. iPad is losing ground, can the iPad 3 keep the throne? http://cnet.co/wseuL8
  13. Windows 8 Consumer preview


  1. Woman sues college over room mates sex http://abcn.ws/zkLeQj
  2. Woman burns 3500 year old tree for light http://thesent.nl/wsryJb
  3. Lone Ranger turns himself in for drug possession: http://thesent.nl/Ay8Au0
  4. Robber drops gun, run away, tries to buy it back. http://bit.ly/w4Yp8B
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