Episode 63 – Vitto Pooped

Show notes, come and get them!

Episode 63 Topic List
Magic Makers: Ray, Vitto, Kevlar, Benjamin


  1. Nortel was hacked 10 years ago, hackers have been pulling data since then http://zd.net/xbtsvw
  2. Sony raises Whitney Houston song prices almost immediately after news of her death http://bit.ly/wQSeml
  3. Nevada approves self-driving cars http://bit.ly/zKJb0B
  4. Tesla X: faster than Porsche 911, ugly. http://bit.ly/zV4cf2
  5. Physicists create working transistor out of single atom. http://nyti.ms/zOEOFK
  6. Apple announces OS X Mountain Lion: http://bit.ly/xf5kJB
  7. VLC 2.0 Twoflower is out http://bit.ly/Adxj3z
  8. Spark Linux tablet up for pre-order http://bit.ly/AqxOC8


  1. E-Cig blows up in man’s face http://bit.ly/ylP5Q6
  2. Target analyzes customer buying patterns and figures out teenage girl is pregnant before her father does. http://onforb.es/xrVOiV
  3. Flashing for Beer ends in Knife attack. http://bit.ly/AEmQs0
  4. Criminal network tried to use these $1 billion bills to acquire plutonium http://gizmo.do/x0zLml
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