Episode 67 – Poo Foam

Here are the shownotes for this week’s episode. Take a gander after the jump. And hey, don’t forget about our contest!

Episode 67 Topic List
Magic Markers: Chris, Ray, Ben


  1. MegaUpload seizures were “wrong” http://bit.ly/wiEywu
  2. What’s Apple up to? http://vrge.co/Ap2XSD
  3. Growing pains: New iPad may have heating issue http://cnet.co/yhUfoD
  4. Pedestrian airbag: http://bit.ly/FQOwnF
  5. “This  American Life” retracts Foxconn horror story http://bit.ly/FQOEnd
  6. Ray: It’s all you http://bit.ly/xQVkYL
  7. AnonymOS full of trojans http://bit.ly/wuaCGN
  8. Amazon inks deal for Discover shows http://bit.ly/wRWWRe (Thanks marian)
  9. Intel buys into eye-tracking firm http://engt.co/yrn3pG
  10. Russians looking at Supersonic Business Jet http://bit.ly/FQPikJ
  11. Google Nexus Tablet to threaten Kindle Fire http://vrge.co/zsfb8e
  12. Non humans account for 50% of internet traffic http://bit.ly/xbC36C
  13. Asteroid? Let’s nuke it out of orbit http://bit.ly/AiKm5e


  1. Invisile Children co-founder (Kony 2012 guy) arrested for masturbating in public: http://bit.ly/FOjWMi
  2. Men skip out on bar tab by jumping out of a window. http://huff.to/zkKZXY
  3. Bus Drive arrested for showing porn to students http://bit.ly/xgxTGB
  4. Inmate just released from jail tries to break in cars in jail parking lot http://sunsent.nl/FPnK0v
  5. Man bites off son’s penis in middle of the street: http://huff.to/FUSg4x
  6. Man flees scene naked, on skateboard http://bit.ly/FPZlEc
  7. “Elaborate” plot to steal iPads foiled. http://sunsent.nl/wd2dnk

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