Episode 53 – Chasing Rabbits

Happy Thanksgiving. I mean, that’s what it would have said if Kevlar had posted this on time. Sorry.  Show notes after the jump, as usual.

Episode 53 Topic List
Date: 11/20/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Kevlar, Ray, Vitto


  1. Kindle sales look bigger than iPad http://bit.ly/uDKiUa
  2. Adobe kills mobile Flash http://bit.ly/vQt9TP
  3. App Review:  spotify for WP7 http://bit.ly/sLY5M8
  4. HP may sell WebOS http://bit.ly/uCypnX
  5. Skyrim? FUS RO DAH
  6. No longer simply a joke in Barrens chat, Chuck Norris is now in his own WoW commercial http://bit.ly/vCscP9
  7. Black Friday Recommendations
    1. Vitto: Games (Skyrim)
    2. Ray: manscaping kit for gingers
    3. Chris: Ta
  8. Russian Hackers screw with Illinois http://bit.ly/sESkDz


  1. Jails are easy to hack http://bit.ly/vGLjBv
  2. Woman steals man’s dildo http://sunsent.nl/vBeFdv
  3. Man boosts asses with cement and fix-a-flat http://abcn.ws/vJlty0
  4. Man walks into house; puts up Christmas decorations http://bit.ly/tks4Ur