Episode 56 – Chris on Vicodin

I say show, you say notes. Show? Notes? Show? Notes!

Episode 56 Topic List
Date: 12/18/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Kevlar, Ben, Ray


  1. Louis CK succeeds https://buy.louisck.net/statement
  2. SOPA: Our elected leaders would rather make laws than understand stuff
  3. Lumia 710 is out http://bit.ly/rpkqyl
  4. True SkyDrive access for WP7, finally (oh, and iOS) http://bit.ly/rsPVnP
  5. Super Speedy Camera: http://bit.ly/vwJVRG
  6. Judge  To UMG: “You got some splain’ to do” http://bit.ly/t3lCYj
    1. http://bit.ly/uk1sFI – UMG has special agreement w/ YouTube
  7. Amazon sells “Millions” of Fires http://bit.ly/umLUwl
  8. The miracle hangover pill:  http://bit.ly/t5uzaK
  9. Ben talks about Postagram
  10. What we want for Christmas

WTF News:

  1. Chewbacca wanted in drive-by: http://bit.ly/sAyIKJ
  2. Sex on the beach: Three seniors busted in sex sting http://sunsent.nl/tOtnAw
  3. FloriDUH: Conch blower locks horns with neighbor http://bit.ly/tcRerx
  4. Porn actor fired 2 years ago still on Miami Beach’s Police Athletic League payroll http://bit.ly/vOFVud
  5. Hide your chihuahuas: (FloriDUH) http://sunsent.nl/sp1fLr
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