Episode 59 – The Motion Picture A-Hole Association

Ho-ly crap. Look how fantastically on time this week’s podcast is. Isn’t it marvelous? Anyway, here’s the links to all the junk we talked about.

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Episode 59 Topic List
Date: 1/22/2012, Time: 8EST
Roster: Chris, Ben, Ray, Mike


  1. Playstation Vita will have 3 data plan options when it releases http://aol.it/zObD5B
  2. All kinds of crazy up in the Megaupload debacle. http://bit.ly/zj2Dyh
  3. MPAA CEO threatens to stop paying politicians if they don’t keep approving his favorite legislation http://bit.ly/Aq27hf
  4. San Francisco college manages to stay infected with a keylogger for 12 years, sending tons of user information all over the world. http://bit.ly/zMry4x
  5. Anon takes down CBS.com and UniversalMusic.com http://gizmo.do/wmJHdG
  6. Russia currently in talks with Europe and the US to create a manned research station on the moon.  http://bit.ly/AuK8kH
  7. Maddox has a say: http://maddox.xmission.com/


  1. Woman refuses to leave toilet for 2.5 years http://bit.ly/AoHHtJ
  2. 963 corpses voted in this year’s presidential primary. http://bit.ly/z9i59F
  3. Pastor opens tattoo parlor inside Michigan church http://bit.ly/AiBB8X
  4. Cleveland TV Station WOIO Covers High-Profile Trial With Puppets http://huff.to/yrBbLS
  5. Police say woman offered sex for McNuggets http://bit.ly/zlzVWa
  6. Pennsylvania couple tries to blow up a car with flaming tampons http://bit.ly/wub35s
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