Episode 55 – Tastes Like Gummibears

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Episode 55 Topic List
Date: 12/11/2011, Time: 8EST
Roster: Chris, Ray, Mike


  1. Apple loses to Moto: http://bit.ly/v3UkXU
  2. Louis CK sells DRM-free copies of his standup, for $5 https://buy.louisck.net/
  3. MegaUpload gets backed by popular artists, UMG gets song pulled http://bit.ly/toWjI0
  4. Apple does not own the name “iPad” in China http://tgr.ph/vMqMgK
  5. Microsoft can remotely delete Windows 8 Apps http://bit.ly/uPHcSR
  6. WebOS to be open sourced: http://bit.ly/u0XnlI
  7. Space-X is headed to the ISS http://1.usa.gov/rPly1k
  8. Diablo 3: Vitto
  9. Skype Co-founder announces new company with free broadband: http://prn.to/rL3NVM


  1. Parents hire man to beat son: http://bit.ly/vNrrcC (also who the fuck says “Calif”?)
  2. Mythbusters fire cannon into neighborhood: http://reut.rs/u418QR
  3. D-bags steal Christmas decorations, and put them up in their own yard – a block away : http://sunsent.nl/rOr3Yn
  4. No Snacks? No Class: http://usat.ly/snZxsC
  5. Boy arrested for burping: http://bit.ly/w1qifn
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