Episode 61 – Fat, Sugar, and Noodles

I want to apologize to all of our wonderful listeners. This is actually last week’s show. I’ve been moving into a new apartment lately and been busy with school so I dropped the ball on getting this one out. This week’s show will hit your feeds tomorrow. Sorry, everybody.

In any case, here’s the show notes (after the jump, as per ususal).

Episode 61 Topic List
Magic Makers: Kevlar, Ray


  1. Pirate Bay sentence is final http://bit.ly/AuOIlO
  2. Italy says “no” to their version of SOPA: http://bit.ly/wkcrGM
  3. Facebook and Google censor their content in India http://bit.ly/A3fMwq
  4. PC Anywhere is not a good idea: http://bit.ly/xdzoyA
  5. Google Maps erases proof of Atlantis http://on.msnbc.com/A6Q19W
  6. Big Red and Redbox try to fight Netflix (lots of red) http://dthin.gs/zTXBbK
  7. Woman has jaw replaced with 3D printed version http://bit.ly/wP8k6G
  8. Protip, don’t hack your way into a job http://bit.ly/xfBJwb
  9. Google snipes senior Apple director for secret project http://bit.ly/zAJVJR
  10. Can porn be copyrighted? http://bit.ly/x8SK1w
  11. Woody Harrelson vs Louis CK on using reddit.
  12. Galaxy Nexus CDMA issues: http://bit.ly/A6CJjo


  1. Cannibal Murderer and Vampire to Wed. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4100709/Killer-cannibal-and-Satan-worshipping-vampire-get-engaged.html
  2. Man gets in a police chase because it was on his bucketlist http://bit.ly/xrgHpz
  3. Owner sells company gives employees bonuses http://bit.ly/wEsLXt
  4. Best/Worst political website ever http://www.debbiespenditnow.com/
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