Capcom says on-disc DLC was a bad idea… sort of

When Capcom released their long awaited Street Fighter x Tekken, they managed to create a shit storm when some intrepid hackers discovered that all of the upcoming DLC was found on the disc. Capcom’s decision to keep DLC on disc and then charge customers a second time to unlock on disc content drew the ire of many in the fighting game community (for a good … Continue reading Capcom says on-disc DLC was a bad idea… sort of

Would you give up your Facebook password for a job?

Let’s be frank here, times are indeed quite hard in the job market. Even with current job growth numbers, many people are struggling to find new or gainful employment. Now aside from checking your CV, some employers are looking to look even further into your life – they want your Facebook password. There’s no denying, the world is getting smaller thanks to social networks like … Continue reading Would you give up your Facebook password for a job?

No, Apple does not have thousands of Chinese slaves

Last week Apple released their latest quarterly report in which they told us they sold a bajillion (that’s a scientific number btw) iPhones, iPads, and iPods, and they’ve made a lot of money doing it. Yay! for Apple but as expected the sensational headlines began to permeate the internet. The New York Times published a sensational piece of link bait (which will probably win someone … Continue reading No, Apple does not have thousands of Chinese slaves

Sony must be trying to kill the PS VITA

When Sony unveiled the official PSP predecessor, the PS Vita, we became fairly excited to see the next iteration of mobile gaming. The Vita was every bit the portable powerhouse that we longed for (especially after the less than stellar original PSP and it’s tinier more useless counterpart the PSP Go) and included the unicorn of portable gaming: dual thumb nubs (honestly this isn’t that … Continue reading Sony must be trying to kill the PS VITA

PSA – Grown men; do NOT choke 13-year-olds over Call of Duty

Normally we like to leave the rants around here in the very capable hands of Michael Pitts, but this one, this one is a little different. A 46-year-old man was arrested after hunting down and choking a 13-year-old boy in Plymouth, Devon (UK) over being fragged one too many times. No, really, a grown ass man got tired of getting killed in a video game … Continue reading PSA – Grown men; do NOT choke 13-year-olds over Call of Duty

London Evening Standard: “GTA 4 to blame for London Riots”

While London burned for the fourth straight night, it is no doubt that a public already asking “how could this happen?” would still be looking to make sense of the destruction by its own citizenry. Great public unrest like that in London is a complex and murky subject to tackle; one that I definitely can’t contribute much to. At the heart of tragedy is a … Continue reading London Evening Standard: “GTA 4 to blame for London Riots”

Today in Badvertising: “I’m contractually obligated to enjoy this.”

Hey you know what’s funny? Poking fun of your competition, pointing out all their short comings, and even a little hint of self awareness. What borders on being a bit obnoxious is the constant pairing of a “cool, young, and hip” spokesperson with a the aged and bubbling “other guys.” Sure it sounds like those “Mac vs. PC” ads that worked so well for Apple … Continue reading Today in Badvertising: “I’m contractually obligated to enjoy this.”

Revisiting The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. A movie review

Wednesday night I was going through the movie channels to see if anything neat was being shown and I saw that the critically acclaimed 2001 Peter Jackson epic film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was about to start on Encore. I thought to myself, “the last time I saw that was when I watched the special extended version back in 2002, so why not?” I quickly made popcorn and grabbed some Pepsi, killed the lights and plopped down on my couch just as the mandatory MPAA ratings hit the screen. It warned me that this film contained violence so I nodded to myself in acknowledgement and mentally prepared myself for the potentially disturbing images I might be exposed to.

If you don’t feel like reading all the analytical mumbo-jumbo, feel free to skip to the bottom of Page 3 for my concluding remarks!
Continue reading “Revisiting The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. A movie review”

It was funny the first time

Okay Creatives, let’s have an adult conversation: Meme Edition

It was funny the first time
Royals and funny wedding entrances - yeah I'll drop bank on a new phone.

Look guys, I’m not trying to be a downer, but do we REALLY need another “viral” ad? Yeah, I laughed at Old Spice guy. I thought it was funny and maybe even a little different. But you know what isn’t funny or different? Taking an old viral video and then making it the basis of your commercial. (Full ad after the jump) Continue reading “Okay Creatives, let’s have an adult conversation: Meme Edition”

This Week in Fuck You: Reply to All

In fact, fuck you twice.
If you do this, fuck you.

Before we get started I want to say that yes, I do realize that it has been a while since I posted a TWIFY. I can’t just get angry about something for your amusement. I’m not a goddamn dancing monkey. And with that… we begin!

Reply to All is a great feature. It helps to when you’re communicating with multiple people so that you can send out a single message and have it simultaneously reach everyone on the list. It’s great for collaboration through email and it saves a lot of time when you want to convey one thought to a group of people. I love Reply to All.
Continue reading “This Week in Fuck You: Reply to All”

Monday Update: Hope You Like Drunks

So here at the Noisecast we have a podcast. You may have noticed it, maybe not though. Well it’s sort of our little pride and joy. Once a week we gather ’round microphones and speak our minds on some of the biggest tech industry stories as well as some random bits that work there way into the recording from time to time. It’s a great way to vent, and honestly, it’s a lot of fun. Recently we’ve even added listener feedback to the mix. So you could hop on our site, head over to the podcast section, and listen in while telling us what you think all in real time! We really pride ourselves on community interaction, and we hope you guys have as much fun with it as we do. So with that little summary, lets move on to last night.
Continue reading “Monday Update: Hope You Like Drunks”

Mission Control Won’t Get a Shuttle


That’s right. NASA’s base in Houston, Texas, the home of manned space flight will not receive a shuttle to display at Johnson Space Center. The Air and Space Museum in New York and the Smithsonian Virginia will receive one, as will the Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Center.

I’m a space brat. I was raised about a mile from Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. I used to ride my bike around the giant campus. I’ve seen the giant training pool. I knew astronauts and went to school with their kids. I’d estimate at least a third of the kids at my high school had at least one parent who worked for NASA, either directly or as a contractor. My father-in-law was on the team that designed the flight controllers for the shuttle, and my wife flew the shuttle simulator at the ripe age of 12 – and she landed it successfully.  When the Colombia broke apart on re-entry, NASA Rd 1, a major road in the area, was packed with people passing the entrance to JSC, many parking to leave flowers or just talk with fellow space-junkies. For over a year, fresh flowers were visible on that corner. Continue reading “Mission Control Won’t Get a Shuttle”

And Now There’s Three: How to fix the looming threat of telecom monopolies

When AT&T announced that they intended on buying out T-Mobile, the internet was ablaze with endless rhetoric about how AT&T has effectively killed competition in the mobile market place. Last week, House Republicans voted against the FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulations, further making what comes next look worse than Agrippa’s dream.

AT&T claims that the acquisition of T-Mobile is a win-win for all customers; it will increase coverage for existing customers, be able to roll out 4G LTE coverage for 95% of Americans, and, according to CEO Randall Stephenson they’ll even help President Obama reach his dream goal of a wirelessly connected America (someone quickly check how snakeoil is trading). Continue reading “And Now There’s Three: How to fix the looming threat of telecom monopolies”

The Music Industry, Still Chugging That Kool-Aid


Oh those guys over at the major labels, if they’re not suing 12-year-old girls then they’re making charts like this one for their upcoming case against Lime Group LLC aka LimeWire.

According to Arista Records, Warner Bros. Music Group, and Atlantic Records, the $55 Billion decline in record sales is directly due to the invention of peer-to-peer filesharing sites like Napster and LimeWire.  The record companies went on to state that, “even if LimeWire caused only a fraction of this decline, Plaintiffs’ damages would still be in the billions of dollars.” Continue reading “The Music Industry, Still Chugging That Kool-Aid”

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