Okay Creatives, let’s have an adult conversation: Meme Edition

It was funny the first time
Royals and funny wedding entrances – yeah I’ll drop bank on a new phone.

Look guys, I’m not trying to be a downer, but do we REALLY need another “viral” ad? Yeah, I laughed at Old Spice guy. I thought it was funny and maybe even a little different. But you know what isn’t funny or different? Taking an old viral video and then making it the basis of your commercial. (Full ad after the jump)

I’m not gonna call out T-Mobile so much as I’d like to call out the agency they hired for this. Cute girl in the magenta dress, great. Taking this wedding video and adding “funny” Royals, not so much. The reason why viral videos work is simply because for all their quirks and lolz, they’re largely original content. Emphasis on original.

Honestly, there’s no message to this ad. I don’t know what you’re selling me other than the fact that you are aware that there’s an event for paparazzi to get their panties wet over. “One’s life is for sharing” goes the tag line but nothing seems to imply that sentiment, except maybe that there’s a wedding about to take place. Meh. It’s an ad that exists in hopes that it will connect with the YouTube generation, but that’s missing the point entirely.

Go ahead call me old, out of touch, a Luddite, or just whiny blogger with no sense of humor, but at the end of the day seeing the Queen of England dancing isn’t making me rush to plop down a couple of bills on a new phone or plan.

Source: Pat’s Papers

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  1. i think it meant to be a joke on the royal wedding. This is a uk ad and meant for a uk audience.

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