Monday Update: Hope You Like Drunks

So here at the Noisecast we have a podcast. You may have noticed it, maybe not though. Well it’s sort of our little pride and joy. Once a week we gather ’round microphones and speak our minds on some of the biggest tech industry stories as well as some random bits that work there way into the recording from time to time. It’s a great way to vent, and honestly, it’s a lot of fun. Recently we’ve even added listener feedback to the mix. So you could hop on our site, head over to the podcast section, and listen in while telling us what you think all in real time! We really pride ourselves on community interaction, and we hope you guys have as much fun with it as we do. So with that little summary, lets move on to last night.

Right, so last night the podcast started of as it usually does. We slowly gathered ourselves in preparation, and listeners began joining us in the live chat. As the podcast began, we spoke of tech news, white iPhones, and other things of that nature, but underneath the thin veil of normalcy, a storm was brewing to the tune of shots!

Oh boy.

Last night was, by far, the drunkest podcast we’ve produced to date. I personally listened in for about 40 minutes before I had to sign off and apparently I missed the really good stuff. As speech slowly slurred itself beyond recognition, everything fell apart. Every now and then, someone would chime in with “shots” and the participating members would do as the were told and take a shot. At one point, a “shot bell” was introduced. When it sounded, shots were consumed. Point is, people got drunk… Real drunk.

Mr. KaiserMachead summed things up nicely with this tweet.:

Be safe kids.

Oh, it was Marian’s first time joining us too… and… given the way things went… likely her last. Sorry Marian.

So you’ll be able to hear the whole disaster unfold later. For now, read through some of these articles to pass the time.

A review of some cool iOS games from BBC

How to diffuse some of that anger.

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Apple being sued by idiots

RIM needs to get their act together, fast

Violating Copyrights? Google will school your ass.

FFFFixer fffor fffacebook

That should keep you held over for a little awhile. I promise I’ll get the podcast up asap. Maybe next time though, you should listen in live. You’d already know what happened.

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