Today in Badvertising: “I’m contractually obligated to enjoy this.”

“Hey little girl. We’re cool and young and hip.”

Hey you know what’s funny? Poking fun of your competition, pointing out all their short comings, and even a little hint of self awareness. What borders on being a bit obnoxious is the constant pairing of a “cool, young, and hip” spokesperson with a the aged and bubbling “other guys.”

Sure it sounds like those “Mac vs. PC” ads that worked so well for Apple a few years back but this one doesn’t think minimalism is hip or young enough; Virgin Mobile decided to go the Jersey Shore route, complete with bad club music, muscle tees, and yes, fist pumping.

How hip and cool and not all pretentious or douchey. Sure it seems like Virgin went the “safe” route by having their beautifully hip and young celeb couple (wait what?) “Sparah” (no, really? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS) party it up at some club; but they made sure to include the arranged marriage like pairing that is pretty T-Mobile awkwardly paired with balding AT&T. Sure we could stop there with the “ugh” factor but nothing sells cellphones quite like sexual harassment.

The pretentiousness that’s “Sparah” is one thing but a gritting through her teeth girl being harassed saying “I’m contractually obligated to enjoy this” is just, well, horrible. Then again, I’m old and maybe “contractually obligated” sexual harassment is cool and young.

Source: Mashable

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