Capcom says on-disc DLC was a bad idea… sort of

Capcom promises to consider not getting caught again

When Capcom released their long awaited Street Fighter x Tekken, they managed to create a shit storm when some intrepid hackers discovered that all of the upcoming DLC was found on the disc. Capcom’s decision to keep DLC on disc and then charge customers a second time to unlock on disc content drew the ire of many in the fighting game community (for a good rant see here) and has continued to stand by their argument that it makes it easier to package the content to consumers.

Well, in an effort to appear open to criticism and suggestion, Capcom’s VP of planning and business development, Christian Svensson, has responded by saying that Capcom will reevaluate its decision to pack it’s pay-for DLC on the retail discs for future releases. Though it may seem like the gaming community’s cries have been heard, we should approach the statement with caution and trepidation.

Sure, Svensson has promised that Capcom will reevaluate its DLC model, but when can the consumer expect to see the change? Will it be in the upcoming release of Dragon’s Dogma? Nope, Svensson has already shot that down. How about DMC or Resident Evil 6? It’s far too soon to tell but I wouldn’t hold out hope.

If there’s anything good that came from the announcement, it’s that Capcom is at least listening to their customers. Let’s hope listening turns into some kind of mutually beneficial action.

Source: Giant Bomb

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