PSA – Grown men; do NOT choke 13-year-olds over Call of Duty

Normally we like to leave the rants around here in the very capable hands of Michael Pitts, but this one, this one is a little different.

A 46-year-old man was arrested after hunting down and choking a 13-year-old boy in Plymouth, Devon (UK) over being fragged one too many times. No, really, a grown ass man got tired of getting killed in a video game and decided to track down the kid and give him an IRL beat down. The 46-year-old man, Mark Bradford, is a jobless, father of three, who became irate after the 13-year-old repeated mocked and was a general dickish teen playing a video game. Although Bradford admitted to “just [losing] it,” it by no means excuses his behavior (or should it be behavior – I don’t know, we speak American here).

Thisportion here is for the adults in the audience; you know how you will at some point or another come across a group of unruly teens being obnoxious, loud, or just a pain in your ass and think, “wouldn’t it be nice if I can just go over there and choke the sh*t out of one of them?” Well, just keep that thought to yourself because if you act on that, you’re going to end up in jail. Sorry. Yeah, the smack talking that goes on during most online gaming sessions can be annoying; often times, the kiddies on the other end seeming to be missing that little voice in their heads that says, “Shut the … up!” but that’s no excuse for you, an adult, to track down where they live and choke them out. In fact, video gaming adult, these games give you these wonderful options to MUTE other gamers or disable chat altogether. Technology! It’s wonderful.

As for the kiddies, listen up; if I didn’t have sh*t else to do than to come home fire up the Xbox/PS3 and clock over 40 hours of game time per week, I’d probably be really good at Call of Duty too. But, because I’m an adult, I’ve got a job and responsibilities, and gaming is pretty far down on the list. In fact, gaming is just a small part of adult life and not the most fun activity in our lives (we can drink legally and can enjoy sex more); it may be hard to believe but for those of us sane adults, your battle cry of “new fag” and “noob” don’t really bother us – we’ll just mute you or boot you from the lobby. Simple. So just because you enjoy some anonymity online, doesn’t mean you can behave like a f*ckwit. B’okay? Good.

Source: wownews

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  1. I wish Xbox would implement a voice filter on each xbox system that flagged certain words and saved them, especially for children’s accounts. If the flag count reaches a certain limit, the account is locked until an adult (assuming lazy parents don’t give the password to the kiddo) comes and unlocks it after reading the explanation for locking. 
    If I had to unlock my kids account because he was cussing out adults, I’d probably remove the xbox from their room and use it as a lawn ornament. 

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