Nokia Confirms: Tethering Coming to Full Lumia Line Up

When Nokia previously announced that WiFi tethering was coming to their Lumia 610, a very entry-level handset for the Asian market, it was baffling that the higher-end handsets (namely the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710) would not be getting the update with Mango (Windows Phone 7.5). After all, Microsoft made WiFi tethering a big part of the Mango update. Today  On Friday, Nokia has made it official … Continue reading Nokia Confirms: Tethering Coming to Full Lumia Line Up

AT&T revises throttling procedure on unlimited data plans

It’s really no surprise that the days of truly unlimited data plans are a thing of the past. Even customers who were grandfathered into all-you-can-eat data plans, mainly iPhone customers, have seen text messages notifying them that they were now in the “top 5% of data users” and subject to data throttling. Up to this point, AT&T would cap their grandfathered customers at 2GB of data … Continue reading AT&T revises throttling procedure on unlimited data plans

Motorola Roundup: Bringing Razr back

Motorola held a fairly large event today. I know how some of us feel about ol’ Moto, but their announcements are nothing to scoff at. Or are they? We’ll see. MotoActv Today, Moto announced MotoActv – “The Ultimate Fusion of Music and Fitness.” Taking what looks like an iPod Nano, and making it less, well, nano, they’ve essentially ported android to a wrist-wearable fitness tracker. … Continue reading Motorola Roundup: Bringing Razr back

California Governor vetos bill requiring warrant to search mobile devices

California, land of the … questionable. Governor Brown has vetoed a bill requiring a warrant to search mobile phones at the time of arrest. Since more and more people live out of their phones, that means more than 160-character text messages; E-mails, Facebook, pictures, location etc (for those who use Blackberrys, your “super secure” BBM is open too). Some might shrug this off, but consider … Continue reading California Governor vetos bill requiring warrant to search mobile devices

Chinese factory worker with coke nail demos Nokia “Sea Ray” WP7 device

Stephen Elop had broke news on Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device, codenamed Sea Ray, back in late June but only a few blurrycam shots of the device were produced. Today, however, a video surfaced on a Chinese forum that fully showed off the first results of the Redmondpoo partnership. Giving a good 360 degree view and a brief demo of the boot sequence, camera, … Continue reading Chinese factory worker with coke nail demos Nokia “Sea Ray” WP7 device

Apple kicks Samsung to the curb

You know that’s the thing about lovers’ spats; first you build them up telling them how awesome they are and then you start throwing around silly lawsuits about confusing potential customers and ripping off the design of the box – you know the thing you throw away – that your product comes in. Wait, I guess that’s nothing like a lovers’ quarrel. In any case, Apple will not be turning to Samsung to produce their A6 chips and is believed to have Taiwanese company, TSMC, testing their latest chipset. Continue reading “Apple kicks Samsung to the curb”

Nexus S…in spaaaaaaaaaaace!

What’s that? Androids in space? There’s something really fitting about this whole thing as the word “android” has always had a sci-fi connection to space. Famous space-faring androids include Data from Star Trek, Roy Batty from Blade Runner, and Max 404 from Android. Today Google and Samsung are bringing that fantasy a bit closer to reality by sending their own Androids into space on board NASA’s final space shuttle launch. This isn’t the first time the Nexus S has tried to become space-worthy as it made it to “near space” in Google’s own tests back in December. However, the presence of it on board the Atlantis space shuttle now makes it official that the Nexus S is the first NASA approved commercial smartphone cleared to fly on a NASA shuttle and to be cleared for use on the International Space Station. Continue reading “Nexus S…in spaaaaaaaaaaace!”

Andy Rubin: Google Activates 500,000 Android Devices A Day

In what is perhaps a sympton of Google’s social ineptitude (sorry guys, truth hurts), Andy Rubin, who is in a lot of ways the face of Android, rarely tweets. And not in the once-or-twice-a-week way like you. He’s sent five tweets since October of 2010, despite having 30,000 followers. Yet when he does tweet, it usually makes headlines. Like today’s announcement that Android now activates 500,000 devices a day.

Continue reading “Andy Rubin: Google Activates 500,000 Android Devices A Day”

HTC ChaCha Will Launch On AT&T With An Equally Silly American Name

Man, you guys remember when you were all excited about Facebook working with manufacturers on a Facebook-branded phone? Yeah, you probably don’t, you were drunk that night. But HTC didn’t forget! They launched the HTC……*sigh*….ChaCha in the UK for those of you who decide your hardware purchases based on how fast you can get to Facebook. Now that same phone is coming to the States, this time under the moniker HTC Status.

Continue reading “HTC ChaCha Will Launch On AT&T With An Equally Silly American Name”

Verizon Tiered Data Plans: Dumb As F*#k

We all knew it was coming, but DroidLife portends the nature of the beast. As the story goes, Verizon will introduce tiered data on July 7th, presumably to consummate that freedom-loving Fourth of July workweek with a ball-and-chain around your device. The plans, according to DroidLife, will be $30/month for 2GB of data, $50/month for 5GB of data, or $80/month for 10GB of data. If you want tethering, that will run you an extra $20/month and get you an extra 2GB. And that’s where things start to get ugly…

Continue reading “Verizon Tiered Data Plans: Dumb As F*#k”

Opinion Wars: What Are We Doing?

In 2007, Apple came out with a phone that was, in all honesty, something very refreshing. The iPhone, whether you like to admit it or not, changed things. It wasn’t perfect and it probably never will be, but it was really exciting. Granted, this is my opinion, but it’s one that I think most people can see some level of truth in. Since then, the tech world has completely exploded with phones that offer similar pros and cons and the internet has exploded with battles from all sides, just like it always does. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Continue reading “Opinion Wars: What Are We Doing?”

HTC Does The Right Thing, Unlocks Bootloaders For Android Devices

If you don’t own an HTC Android device, or never root/flash your phone, this news may not be of much interest to you. If you do, however, score one major victory for consumers: HTC has just announced via Facebook that it is now company policy to leave bootloaders unlocked. Prior to this point, HTC devices were not terribly difficult to root, however recent models, such … Continue reading HTC Does The Right Thing, Unlocks Bootloaders For Android Devices

Droids, Trophies and Plays, oh my, what a Revolution!

Verizon launches a quadruple threat today and it packs quite a mean punch. For those of you on Big Red that have been dying to get your paws on a Windows Phone 7 device, your day has finally come! The HTC Trophy may be a mid-range WP7 device but snatching it up for $150 (online price, $200 retail) on a two year contract also grants … Continue reading Droids, Trophies and Plays, oh my, what a Revolution!

Microsoft loosens the reigns on its Windows Phone processors, ST-Ericsson joins the fun

Back in 2010 Microsoft spelled out the hardware specifications manufacturers must follow in order to make a certified Windows Phone 7 device, barring manufacturers from using sub-par components like processors that clock under 1Ghz. Up until now, Windows Phone 7 devices have been powered by Qualcomm processors, specifically of the Snapdragon family. Even the lackluster and low-end HTC Trophy which Verizon is finally releasing with plenty of eye-rolling has a Snapdragon under the hood. Today the Qualcomm monopoly in WP8 devices comes to a close as Microsoft has given the green light for its upcoming Nokia handsets to be fueled by an ST-Ericsson U8500 processor. Yes Windows Phone 8. That’s the next generation of Windows Phone 7 scheduled to arrive with the Nokia handsets in 2012. The chip isn’t a lightweight, bubbling to the brim with dual-core goodness and being compared quite positively to the Qualcomm Snapdragon. It’s a system-on-a-chip that bakes Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, and HSPA+ all into a neat and compact wafer. Continue reading “Microsoft loosens the reigns on its Windows Phone processors, ST-Ericsson joins the fun”

Trade in your smartphone clunker for new kit

People always ask me why I stick with T-Mobile. “They don’t have the iPhone; I thought you were a Mac head?” or “But Sprint/Verizon/AT&T have better phones!?!” But what T-Mobile does really well is provide really great customer service (Don’t fuck this up for me AT&T merger!) and every so often they’ll have a great incentive to get new customers or get old ones to re-up. T-Mobile will now begin accepting trade-ins so you can make the switch or just upgrade to a new phone without necessarily waiting for those 2 years to be up.

Here’s how it works: Continue reading “Trade in your smartphone clunker for new kit”

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