HTC ChaCha Will Launch On AT&T With An Equally Silly American Name

Man, you guys remember when you were all excited about Facebook working with manufacturers on a Facebook-branded phone? Yeah, you probably don’t, you were drunk that night. But HTC didn’t forget! They launched the HTC……*sigh*….ChaCha in the UK for those of you who decide your hardware purchases based on how fast you can get to Facebook. Now that same phone is coming to the States, this time under the moniker HTC Status.

In case you’re still interested, there are actually reviews for this thing. Reviews! Like this seven-page dissertation on the device at TechRadar. If you’re not in the reading mood, allow me to sum up: it’s a candybar-style Android phone with a Blackberry-esque keyboard. And there’s a Facebook button. For when you need to see Facebook right effing now.

As regular readers are aware, I’m a pretty big fan of Android. The open source nature of the OS allows for some of the most wild hardware innovation we’ve seen. That openness is a double-edged sword, though. Sometimes you get a beast of a device that still gets mimicked a year after it launches. Sometimes you get some really friggin‘ ridiculous crap.

Still. If you’re dead set on being faster than anyone else at opening the Facebook app, look to AT&T in the coming weeks.

Source: BGR

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