Trade in your smartphone clunker for new kit

People always ask me why I stick with T-Mobile. “They don’t have the iPhone; I thought you were a Mac head?” or “But Sprint/Verizon/AT&T have better phones!?!” But what T-Mobile does really well is provide really great customer service (Don’t fuck this up for me AT&T merger!) and every so often they’ll have a great incentive to get new customers or get old ones to re-up. T-Mobile will now begin accepting trade-ins so you can make the switch or just upgrade to a new phone without necessarily waiting for those 2 years to be up.

Here’s how it works:

It works fairly simply, bring your working (in good condition phone) to one of their retail stores and a customer service rep will give you a quote on the value of your phone. Want to know what to expect ahead of time, hit up their website and enter some details on your current phone and get an estimated for the phone you want to trade in. Fair bit of warning, it’s like trading in your car: you think it’s worth something, the dealer will offer less. Better than nothing and safer than Craigslist.

Source: T-Mobile My Trade Ins

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