AT&T revises throttling procedure on unlimited data plans

It’s really no surprise that the days of truly unlimited data plans are a thing of the past. Even customers who were grandfathered into all-you-can-eat data plans, mainly iPhone customers, have seen text messages notifying them that they were now in the “top 5% of data users” and subject to data throttling.

Up to this point, AT&T would cap their grandfathered customers at 2GB of data per month, even while their equally priced tiered service capped customers at 3GB for HSPA+ and 5GB for LTE subscribers. In other words, if you’ve been a loyal AT&T customer for the last 5 years, you were being screwed out of an additional GB of monthly data. Today, the Verge reports that there’s been a change in procedures at AT&T and now both grandfathered subscribers as well as their current subscribers now have the same 3GB monthly data cap and that there’s even talks of improved speeds (read: usable) after you’ve exceeded your monthly cap.

It safe to say that though it’s an improvement over the way things were being done, it’s still sad to see the end of truly unlimited data packages from the biggest U.S. carrier.

Hat tip to Ebone

Source: The Verge

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