Chinese factory worker with coke nail demos Nokia “Sea Ray” WP7 device

Stephen Elop had broke news on Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device, codenamed Sea Ray, back in late June but only a few blurrycam shots of the device were produced. Today, however, a video surfaced on a Chinese forum that fully showed off the first results of the Redmondpoo partnership. Giving a good 360 degree view and a brief demo of the boot sequence, camera, and shutdown. Presumably this is at the Chinese manufacturing facility that will crank out the devices and based on the software it appears that the demoed product is a test-device. The demoers coke nail and the presumed gunshots in the background are also reason to be skeptical about the actual location of the device. Either way, take a gander at the video before it is taken down by Microsoft and Nokia lawyers!

Sources: Engadget, WPXAP

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