Apple kicks Samsung to the curb

You know that’s the thing about lovers’ spats; first you build them up telling them how awesome they are and then you start throwing around silly lawsuits about confusing potential customers and ripping off the design of the box – you know the thing you throw away – that your product comes in. Wait, I guess that’s nothing like a lovers’ quarrel. In any case, Apple will not be turning to Samsung to produce their A6 chips and is believed to have Taiwanese company, TSMC, testing their latest chipset.

Reuters is reporting that Apple and Sammy’s legal problems may be creating a rift between the two companies and Apple has tapped TSMC to expand their production of the mobile processor chips. Although TSMC may be getting some orders from Apple some time in the future, it’s not expected to be more than 30% of orders out of speculation that Samsung would most likely try to retain Apple’s business or file yet another lawsuit.

Source: Reuters

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