Famous last words? Instagram may never make it to BlackBerry 10

Windows Phone has long been criticized that their low rate of adoption from consumers is in large part due to the fact that they have not been able to get native apps from the biggest and most popular developers. Most often at the top of that list is Instagram. With that in mind, it looks like BlackBerry 10 will be learning this hard way as … Continue reading Famous last words? Instagram may never make it to BlackBerry 10

Roundup: Bob Ross

Everyone loves Bob Ross! PBSDigitalStudios is back with another remix of your childhood. Remember, every title is a link! Not necessarily tech, but cool anyway. Cloud Atlas, the 2004 novel by David Mitchell, is being converted into a movie by none other than the Wachowskis, of Matrix fame. The movie deals with reincarnation, and seems to have a pretty solid cast: Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Halley … Continue reading Roundup: Bob Ross

RIM execs to lose a plane

Research In Motion, the maker of the once-famous, now decrepit Blackberry line of mobile devices, is selling off one of their two private jets to make ends meet, according to Bloomberg. An anonymous source “with knowledge of the matter” stated that they’re putting one of their two nine-passenger jets up for sale to assist with their $1 billion fat-cutting project. The jet is expected to … Continue reading RIM execs to lose a plane

Blackberry 10: Will it be enough?

When you hear “Blackberry,” you no longer think of a high speed, low drag businessman, dead set on reaching the top. You probably think of that one guy who’s waiting for his contract to expire, or a woman whose business won’t buy iPhones or Android phones for their employees. The OS is dated, the screen is a whopping 320×240, and their newest phone has a … Continue reading Blackberry 10: Will it be enough?

The ONLY attractive BlackBerry I’ve ever seen

    You know what, RIM takes a lot of crap from all of us here at The Noisecast (and for good reason might I add), whether it’s their apparent lack of leadership, lack in the design department, systemic failures, or just simply not knowing what they are selling. Though this will not be an apology to the folks at RIM, it is however, a … Continue reading The ONLY attractive BlackBerry I’ve ever seen

RIM huffs and puffs its way back into the spotlight with BBX

The words “exciting” and “BlackBerry” aren’t used in a sentence these days unless they’re slathered in Olive Garden irony sauce, but believe it or not, Research in Motion managed to perk the ears of investors and consumers alike today at DevCon 2011. RIM has had a rocky start with its QNX platform that was launched along with its unfortunate BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and RIM plans … Continue reading RIM huffs and puffs its way back into the spotlight with BBX

RIM seeks to make amends, offers free apps

RIM is still really sorry about the outage last week. So sorry, it seems, that they’re offering free apps to make up for the inconvenience. Co-CEO Jim Balsillie thinks it’s too soon to say what happened, saying “It is too early for us to talk about that, but we will talk about that in due course.” But they do want to make their remaining users … Continue reading RIM seeks to make amends, offers free apps

RIM says Blackberry services are back up

The outage that sprung up again overseas spread to the US yesterday, but is now solved, according to Mike Lazaridis, who added “you expect better of us,” a statement that I don’t totally agree with. Blackberry, who we all know is treading water while the rest of the market is Michael Phelps-ing it around the pool, doesn’t have stellar handsets, but they do have their … Continue reading RIM says Blackberry services are back up

Blackberry Outage Returns Overseas

RIM is taking hits from the competition left and right, but it seems they’ve lost service in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Blackberry specific services are down, according to tweets from Vodafone Egypt and T-Mobile UK. This comes after they recently fixed server failure that sent European services down yesterday. Since BBM seems to be the most popular reason to stick with Blackberry (it … Continue reading Blackberry Outage Returns Overseas

Canalys: One Out Of Every Two Smartphone Users In The World Uses Android

It’s not exactly a secret that Android is tearing it up on the home front. Canalys, however, has released a new report indicating that Android has taken a full 48% of the global smartphone market share. That is, for every two people in the world who use smartphones, one of them is using Android (….roughly). iOS is pulling up the rear with 19% of the smartphone market. Of course, it should be noted that this does not include iPod touches or iPads.

Continue reading “Canalys: One Out Of Every Two Smartphone Users In The World Uses Android”

How to fix RIM

Research in Motion is in a tizzy. The recent first quarter earnings call showed a drop in net income, a projected drop in revenue of almost $1 billion, and the announcement of layoffs, sending the stock tumbling up to 20% in the aftermath. Furthermore, the PlayBook stats weren’t promising either as RIM reported that 500,000 units were shipped so far. That’s shipped, not sold. A third of that could easily be sitting around in the channel or on retail shelves. That’s not too bad when compared with Android’s Honeycomb tablets, which have had more retail time but only about 600,000 have been activated in the field. The silver lining to all of this is that international revenues were up 67%, year over year. However, we’ll get to how this is not necessarily a good thing later on.

Is RIM destined for failure? Will the BlackBerry brand end up being pawned off to some private investment group for peanuts? Can RIM ever get its mojo back? RIM may be bloodied and bruised, but it hasn’t been KO’d yet. Here’s how it can save itself. Continue reading “How to fix RIM”

RIM’s Continued Identity Crisis: Blackberry Will Now Feature Bing At The OS Level

Steve Ballmer personally took to the stage at Blackberry World 2011 (you remember? That thing you were going to pretend to care about before Osama bin Laden got all dead?) to announce a “strategic partnership” between Microsoft and RIM to bring Bing services to the Blackberry platform. This means not just search, but maps as well. Which is good! Microsoft is doing a lot in their mobile services department, so it’s pretty cool that they’re gonna bring these not-entirely-immature products to RIM’s not-entirely-appealing devices.

The services actually sound somewhat exciting, if not terribly new. Voice and location aware search. Even “panorama stitching”? Does this mean that Photosynth is coming to Blackberry? Admittedly, after trying out the app on my buddy’s iPhone, my Evo would certainly be a little jealous. Though, if Photosynth is the only truly unique thing, then I think my phone might get over it pretty quickly. Continue reading “RIM’s Continued Identity Crisis: Blackberry Will Now Feature Bing At The OS Level”

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