Roundup October 20, 2011

Hey, heathens! It’s a great day to beatbox, don’t you think?

On to the roundup!

Scientists are trying to end us all.

No, for serious. Stop building robots that can build other robots. It’s a little loopy and none too safe.

Cameras might be in for a big change, and soon.

A camera that doesn’t need to focus before you take the picture! It’s a pretty awesome idea, even if the form-factor could use a little tweaking. The thing looks like it’s gonna steal your soul.

Android has a bunch of “new” stuff coming.

Eric gives us a run through of the bigger features and who had them first. Sooner or later, everyone is going to have everything, then maybe manufacturers and OS makers will have to compete over price. Yeah, right.

Microsoft reveals plans for Skype.

Oh, and they also posted a record quarter. Good for them. Now make Skype work well, and put it in my phone already, Ballmer. Or get one of those developers you’re always yelling about to do it for you.

If you’re in the market for WP7, hang on for a little bit.

Nokia is set to reveal a whole slew of phones. 7, in fact. I guess they wanted to show all their cards at once. Possibly included is Sea Ray, a damn sexy phone. With no straight lines except the top and bottom, it’s been compared to a sports car, with speed-loving curves and straight lines where you want ’em.

Blackberrys are losing in their own market: Enterprise.

Seriously, Blackberry is in trouble.  30% of enterprise users say they plan to switch to another smartphone in the next year.  That’s scary. RIM better make their new OS user friendly, IT friendly, powerful and ‘cool’ or else they’re in deep dookie. Dooky? Poop.

OCZ Releases super high tech new laptop drive.

It’s the industry’s first 1TB drive in the 2.5″ market, and it boosts a 50% boot-up speed increase over old drives. Cool story, bro.

ARM has the new A7 setup specifically to kick ass in Android handsets.

Basically, they analyzed how Android computes and customized a superbly fast chip for it. I can’t wait for WP7 to be fast enough chipmakers to court it.

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