RIM says Blackberry services are back up

The outage that sprung up again overseas spread to the US yesterday, but is now solved, according to Mike Lazaridis, who added “you expect better of us,” a statement that I don’t totally agree with. Blackberry, who we all know is treading water while the rest of the market is Michael Phelps-ing it around the pool, doesn’t have stellar handsets, but they do have their BBM service, as well as email and internet services. These are things that keep people putting up with their device freezing twice a day, as NY Blackberry user Tony Vitali tells Reuters his device does. Even US Government-owned devices were affected, which undoubted lead to more brick-breaking than deal-making among legislators.

When you have one thing that keeps people from leaving, you would expect your company to be on top of it. If this were the result of a hacking attempt (success?) or any mal-intent, then you might have an excuse, but CTO David Yach said yesterday that there were no signs of that.  RIM even stated that they believe it was a hardware malfunction in their network infrastructure that lead to the nearly-worldwide failure of their services. I only hope they’ve added redundancy in the meantime.

Source: Fox News

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