RIM execs to lose a plane

Research In Motion, the maker of the once-famous, now decrepit Blackberry line of mobile devices, is selling off one of their two private jets to make ends meet, according to Bloomberg. An anonymous source “with knowledge of the matter” stated that they’re putting one of their two nine-passenger jets up for sale to assist with their $1 billion fat-cutting project.

The jet is expected to sell for around $6-7 million, but going by their track record of selling old, expensive equipment, I am not holding my breath. New Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben has stated that the newest line of Blackberry phones – Blackberry 10 – will impress people (not “astonish” or “amaze”) and they are said to be unveiling a load of new features. Of course, they also stated that their 90,000 apps have been downloaded over 3 billion times, with 1 billion of those coming in the last six months. That means that Blackberry users are downloading an average of 2.5 million apps a day. I’m just sayin’ is all.

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