RIM Releases The Same Damn Blackberries Again….Again

Frankly, this song and dance is getting old. Really old. Nearly three months after announcing Blackberry OS 7, whose new features seem to include little more than a faster browser, RIM has announced some new hardware to go along with that software: last year’s phones. Again.

It’s no secret that we think RIM has no idea what they’re doing. Exactly one year ago today, RIM announced the original Blackberry Torch. This device was universally panned as mediocre at best. Enough to satisfy current Blackberry users, but certainly not enough to attract the throngs of new and migrating smartphone users. So, what does RIM do? Release the same damn phones. Again.

The new Blackberry Torch two (pictured above) has few tangible differences between this and the previous device. Which, you know isn’t a bad thing, per se. iPhone iterations look largely similar (with the exception of the iPhone 4), the Evo 3D bears a striking resemblance to the original Evo, and virtually all of Samsung’s Galaxy S line is identical save for minor hardware differences. However, what these phones lack in hardware variation, they make up for by being decent phones. “Faster web browser” is not a headlining feature for iOS or Android (or even WP7). It’s a sidenote. “Hey, in this update, we added new voice-recognition super powers, song-identification, lasers, and sex……..oh yeah and we made the browser a teensy bit faster.”

RIM, I know you guys are going through rough times, and you’re even in the middle of restructuring your convoluted management. But please, stop releasing the same damn phones, year after year, and pretending like you’re innovating.

Source: Engadget

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  1. Not good enough dammit! Not good enough! – Jean Luc Picard
    Seriously, fix the bugs for the OS 6 users who have been screwed over and can’t use their one year old hardware with OS 7.

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