Droid Razr Maxx HD Review

Motorola used to be known for its infamous “MotoBlur,” which was their own Android replacement UI which was strangely focused on social networking. Eventually they made the UI less intrusive, but there was still lag. Then came the fateful day on May 22, 2012 when Google announced their deal to acquire of Motorola Mobility, Motorola’s cell phone division, had closed. This sent a feeling of … Continue reading Droid Razr Maxx HD Review

Roundup: Not very pinteresting

I’ve got a few days to get myself interested in Pinterest. It’s not working. Anyway, we had a great podcast with Victoria Rae Black this weekend, check it out.  Motorola being slashed apart by Google. Motorola Mobility, who was recently purchased by the Googs, announced today that they will be slashing 20% of their workforce in a move to slim down the company. Also mentioned … Continue reading Roundup: Not very pinteresting

Drops in Q4 income and revenue suggest HTC needs to rethink its strategy

The era of unmitigated growth for HTC is over. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer posted its fourth quarter 2010 financials this morning and the results were not welcoming. Year-over-year the fourth quarter revenue shrank 2.5% to $3.35 billion (NT$ 101.42 billion) and HTC’s net income dove 26% to $364 million (NT$ 11.02 billion). The results don’t come as a complete surprise as HTC’s November results showed … Continue reading Drops in Q4 income and revenue suggest HTC needs to rethink its strategy

Motorola Roundup: Bringing Razr back

Motorola held a fairly large event today. I know how some of us feel about ol’ Moto, but their announcements are nothing to scoff at. Or are they? We’ll see. MotoActv Today, Moto announced MotoActv – “The Ultimate Fusion of Music and Fitness.” Taking what looks like an iPod Nano, and making it less, well, nano, they’ve essentially ported android to a wrist-wearable fitness tracker. … Continue reading Motorola Roundup: Bringing Razr back

ISIS to offer competing service to Google Wallet

Not too long ago, Eric told you how Google Wallet was going to change the way we buy things away from our computers. And though I’m no techno-hipster, it was interesting at least. For all the Jetsons-like promises of the future Google Wallet seemed to make, its main hindrance was the lack of NFC compatible phones. Well, it seems that a new joint venture has … Continue reading ISIS to offer competing service to Google Wallet

Noisecast Roundup: Welcome Back Edition

Hey guys! Remember me? I’m the roundup. I’m here to tell you about what you missed today. So here we go! The US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating Motorola Solutions for alleged bribery. Note that this isn’t Google Motorola Mobility. The investigation centers around claims that Motorola paid bribes to foreign officials to boost business in Europe, which is, … Continue reading Noisecast Roundup: Welcome Back Edition

[Editorial] Tablet Manufacturers: Learn From HP’s Success

Yep. Success. Let’s not miss the obvious here. HP did not save WebOS. We can play around with speculation over licenses and future development, but the fact is, you don’t shut down your hardware division, currently the only outlet for your OS, without at least some plan for how else you’re going to distribute it in place. A lot of confidence was lost in HP recently over the last few days, but there’s one thing they succeeded in: selling a truckload of TouchPads. Continue reading “[Editorial] Tablet Manufacturers: Learn From HP’s Success”

Google Is Buying A Ton Of Paten-Err, Motorola Mobility

Well, who could’ve predicted this? Oh, right. Ron. Google is getting into the hardware game with an announcement today that Google intends to buy Motorola Mobility. And everything that entails. Which is actually quite a lot. The move is huger than it looks at first glance. And the first glance already looks pretty big. According to Google, they will be operating Motorola as an independent … Continue reading Google Is Buying A Ton Of Paten-Err, Motorola Mobility

Apple Sues Motorola Over Xoom Design.

Fresh off the dropkick to Samsung’s groin, Apple’s legal team is gearing up for another fight in Europe. As it would turn out, Apple has it’s eye on Motorola’s Xoom for infringing on the design of the now quite invincible iPad. FOSSpaptents noted that buried in the complaint that led to the injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe was a mention of additional … Continue reading Apple Sues Motorola Over Xoom Design.

Noisecast Roundup: 07/06/2011

Here we go. Another edition of the Noisecast. I have nothing to say, damn you. stop making me talk. Let’s get on with it.

  • Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Android tablet now $499
    It’s about time the price became more reasonable, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Last i heard, the tablet was buggy and it wasn’t all Android’s fault. Also, it’s Motorola, so…

Droids, Trophies and Plays, oh my, what a Revolution!

Verizon launches a quadruple threat today and it packs quite a mean punch. For those of you on Big Red that have been dying to get your paws on a Windows Phone 7 device, your day has finally come! The HTC Trophy may be a mid-range WP7 device but snatching it up for $150 (online price, $200 retail) on a two year contract also grants … Continue reading Droids, Trophies and Plays, oh my, what a Revolution!

TWIFY: Android Tablet Woes


Dear Android tablet manufacturers,

It has come to my attention that lately you clown shoe motherfucks have decided to completely ignore all of the progress that has been made on the Android OS in regards to functionality and usability. For some strange reason you chuckleheads are either using old software, leaving out huge chunks of functionality, or skinning what is already a beautiful interface with whatever shitteriffic UI your designers threw out at the last minute. Continue reading “TWIFY: Android Tablet Woes”

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