Noisecast Roundup: Ron’s in Charge

I laughed heavily at these new Toyota ads. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the nightly round-up, well then this probably won’t be the best introduction. But I digress. Let’s see what’s happening on the webbertubes today.

Shit That Siri Says!

By now you’ve heard about how Siri, Apple’s latest voice command system, can help your day-to-day life. Now, let’s take a look at some of its more useless, and humorous functions.

Moto Droid Razr is the thinnest smartphone ever

Obviously, that means it’s the best smartphone ever… right?

Stuxnet? That’s so last year. I’m being controlled by Duqu

Embrace your hipster side and get infected.

Surprise! Users hate the new Facebook changes

Privacy not a concern though. Hmmm. Odd.

Sony’s Playstation Vita will be Hacked– I mean Shipped in February

Who are we kidding? It’ll be hacked too.

Dropbox will Die


That’s all for tonight folks. Good Riddance.

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