Frustrated with iOS 6 Maps? Google has a sneaky APP for that.

While many are frustrated with the new iOS 6 Map Application that makes the Manhattan Bridge look like this.

There is a solution. While there is no official app in the iOS app store just yet, Google has provided a sneaky work around for Safari users. You can add a Google Maps “APP” to your home page from Maps.Google.Com.

When you go to the maps website you can click on add to home screen. This will pop up another window with the Google Maps logo that you can select.

After you select it then you can add it to your home screen.

Yes, this is not an “official” app but no one knows if or when there will ever be one submitted by Google. If they submit it then Apple still has to approve it. This method circumvents all of that. You have the full use of Google Maps without having to wait for one to show up in the iOS App Store. This method is also free and many of the alternatives to the current iOS 6 Maps are not.

If you were frustrated with iOS 6 Maps, you may have Google Maps back without voiding your warranty or having to pay for an app.

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