Oh Japan: Fat-blocking Pepsi headed to Japan

You can add Dextrin to the list of unnatural flavors in this Pepsi

Like Pepsi? Hate fat? Well for 150Yen (and a trip to Japan) you can pick up Pepsi that promises to block fat AND “lower bad cholesterol.” Yeah, we can’t make that stuff up.

The Daily Mail reports that tomorrow Pepsi will launch it’s newest Pepsi product, Pepsi Special. Pepsi Special does it’s voodoo by including the food additive Dextrin to it’s “special” formula. Studies on dextrin have netted positive results in the absorption of fat, though we wouldn’t go on the Pepsi Special diet any time soon.

As far as what to expect in terms of taste:

There is no information about how much sugar and corn-syrup it contains, compared to standard Pepsi, but a spokesman said it would have a ‘crisp refreshing and unique’ aftertaste.

Pepsi Special will be distributed locally by Suntory (their whiskey isn’t bad); no word if this will ever leave the Japanese markets – we’re guessing that the answer is “No.”

Source: Daily Mail

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